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Top Questions for 2020


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Hello Analytics Community! 

I thought it might be interesting to start creating posts like these for those that might be interested in seeing common topics/questions. Below you will find a list of the most viewed questions for 2020 on our Analytics community. I think this will help new users with common questions and allow our super users access to valuable info. Please let me know if you like this and how we can make this more useful.


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Top Questions of 2020



JWT access token: How can I change the expiration?
How to implement campaign tracking code by steps using admin console in adobe analytics
Difference between Visit and Hit
Adobe Analytics business practitioner certification Exam
Can someone explain this assets.adobedtm.com call?
Campaign URL Builder with Adobe Analytics?
Calculation of Average Time Spent on Page in Adobe Analytics
react with adobe analytics
How to integrate Salesforce with Adobe Analytics
Unspecified / Unavailable search keywords
Character Limitation
Link AdWords to Adobe Analytics
What does session refresh actually mean? 
Next Page in Workspace
Cookie ID and Session ID?
What is VISTA rules and processing rules?
Use value with itemId in breakdown report, API 2.0
Calculated Metric for Average Page Views
eVar vs Props
Adobe Launch - Track Video Engagement - Youtube
How to get a new access token using refresh token
How to see ALL events by using tools like: omnibug?
Mobile device types
9A0-411: Adobe Analytics Developer ACE Exam
Adobe Analytics API 1.4 Push Data Into AA
Exit Metric - what's the definition?
What's the difference between Entries, Visits, and Pageviews?
Experience Cloud ID (mid)
Locked Out of Account
Data Warehouse - requests  gzip compression
Workspace break down all rows and then breakdown all breakdowns
Whether or not to use an event in a custom link
Creating JWT token to access Adobe I/O for Analytics
what is the timezone setting of my analytics report
Extracting ALL data in Analytics Workspace (not just first 10 rows from the first page)
Adobe Analytics Health Dashboard issues - Excel Macro-enabled spreadsheet with API connectors, VBA f...
Adobe and Power BI connector
Facebook Ads Manager Data Integration into Adobe Analytics
What parameter captures Page Load Time in Adobe Analytics ?
Adobe Analytics value limits (max number of rows)
Total visitors < (New Visitors + Returning Visitors)
Google adwords integration with adobe analytics using advertising analytics
Unable to login to Adobe Analytics
Page URLs in Adobe Analytics
First vs Last Touch Channel Visits
How can I send custom events to Analytics?
Campaign Query Parameters with Colons
Report with IP-adress




Topics help categorize Community content and increase your ability to discover relevant content.

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