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worldholder 16-10-2019


my website uses history fragments / hashes in URLs, so a typical URL would look like this:


I try to track these URLs in Adobe Analytics. The issue is that in the reports the hash part of the URL is not displayed, it is for some reason truncated.

So I just see and I'm not able to distinguish one page from another.

1) Why is it happening and how to make AA display the whole URLs?

Trying to find a solution to the above issue, I started sending only the hash part to AA:




But I've run into another issue: now I don't see any URLs at all, I just see Other in the reports:


2) Why AA is not showing the URL values I send and how to fix it?

Any hints appreciated

Thanks a lot!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

worldholder 30-10-2019

Hi All,

it seems I found an explanation.

I contacted Adobe ClientCare and they replied the following:

So I've just  requested this query string stripping to be disabled, let's see...

Strangely I couldn’t find any info on this, so it looked to me like a bug in AA.

Thanks all for your suggestions!

Answers (18)

Answers (18)


maybe this is a feature from "old days" where the hashes where used as trigger points to scroll down a page (so basically if the same user has two pageviews and just the hashes changes, it is still the same page)

but since they are now used as "SPA" navigation, this is a completely other use case. now the change of the hash IS a new page.

but: think about NOT changing the settings but changing your implementation: in DTM/Launch override the pagename with only the hash value.

so basically instead of sending the full URL with hast, you override the pagename to only contain the hash (maybe with prefix). at least that's what we do on all our implementations with hash-navigation.

pabloc82923542 29-10-2019

I am going to guess but are all these pages part of a SPA? Single Page app? If so I recommend you look at Direct call rules. They work great and are very efficient for state changes.

Soe trick to follow some SPA you need to disable first time load. You also should make sure you check logic for a user doing a manual reload.



Is it possible you have a conflicting Adobe Analytics processing rule which is overwriting the value with just the URL path?

Can't think of any other way data would be affected between data warehouse and the reporting interface.


how do you set the "pagename" and what is your metric in the reporting?

if the hash part isn't recorded, you could manually set the "pagename" to "document.location.href"

pabloc82923542 17-03-2020

The pagename variable is populated via data layer.


The URL with hash is not collected as paginate unless your code is built to pass it to Pagename variable.


Your hash states are they all part of  a Single Page App(looks like it) you may need to pass the URL of of each page in question to an evar.

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well, you are setting the "page URL" field but looking at the "pagename" variable in reporting! those are not the same!

see your screenshot from Launch, there's a field called "Page name", use this to get the "page" variable filled in reporting.

remark: we only overwrite the "Page Name" and leave the "Page URL" as is. that means, the page URL is always the URL the user can see, but we give the "Page name" custom values.

additional remark: a lot of people have a eVar (maybe the most important one for everybody) with exact the same value. the reason are "custom/exit/download links" which don't have a value in the default "page". that means, if you want to see eg. downloads per page, you need an evar with the "Pagename".

worldholder 04-11-2019

I was setting up Page URL like this:


Where %HashValue% was returning values after hash symbol like /login, /home etc. 

This resulted into getting Other in the reports instead of the actual values:


In your case, are you working with Page URL or Page Name field?


where and how do you set the pagename variable? are you sure the "pagename" is correct on the data sent to adobe analytics?

since we use this setup very often and haven't had any problems, it's hard to see/imagine a problem without access to your implementation...

worldholder 31-10-2019

Thansk ursbollerthat seemed a good idea to me as well, and I did try sending only "after-hash" values like /login,  /home etc.

But I run into another problem, I started seeing just Other instead of the actual vlaues I was sending. Please see my original message, it's better described there.

worldholder 28-10-2019

I've checked that... There are no processing rules at all:


Should I ask Adobe to check Vista rules?..

Did you guys work with history fragments and were they properly displayed in AA?


worldholder 28-10-2019

I exported Page URL from the warehouse. It contains full URLs, with hash symbols and values after it.

So it means that it's getting truncated somewhere between the warehouse and AA reports... any ideas?



I would make a data warehouse export for "page URL" and "pagename" and check data if it really gets through or if its truncated while processing

worldholder 24-10-2019

I don't set Page Name at all.

I set Page URL within Launch as usual:


I'm sure that it picks up the hash part because I see it in Adobe Debugger. So the URL is sent to Adobe in full (with hash), but in the reports it's displayed truncated (without hash).

Are you saying that the only way to get the hash part displayed is to pass page URL  as Page Name (and not as Page URL)?