Creating JWT token to access Adobe I/O for Analytics



Hi All,

We have been trying to create an JWT token for the access of Adobe I/O for Analytics, as we have some permission limits we cannot use launch. Thus we have came across the following questions

  1. How to create JWT token without using the Launch console?
  2. Which is the best Adobe approved way to generate the token?

As we are trying to generate the token based on the following documents, the token seems not working:

  1. GitHub - jpadilla/pyjwt: JSON Web Token implementation in Python


The second method gives the following error:

Could not match JWT signature to any of the bindings

For the first : Could not match JWT signature to any of the bindings

The method 3 is not working as expected.

Please assist with this ASAP!

Thanks in advance!

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Accepted Solutions (1)



As nice as the mentioned Medium post is, it does not help a bit when using the JWT token. As here I can only recommend using Postman, taking the example curl-command from the JWT generation page (of the integration) and importing it to Postman.

Then you find that under the body part you have additional key/value pairs to fill in for the request to work:Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-13 um 10.16.48.png

These next to your regular Header key/value pairs:

Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-13 um 10.18.12.png

Maybe this might help some others a little bit as I was nearly throwing my Macbook out of the window in frustration regarding the non functional Adobe documentation.

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Answers (5)




I don't think there is a programmatic approach to refresh Oauth token as it's tied to your user login, but you can create a service account integration (JWT) which you can re-create using your application.



Hi peterc82255801​,

actually I sadly have no idea how to do it programmatically, as you need to login to Adobe every time you do it.

At least if you do it in postman and with a Bearer Token, not with a JWT token:

Bildschirmfoto 2019-11-18 um 16.02.31.png

So not sure if any Adobe Admin might be helpful here.

Best of luck - and if you find a way I would be very happy to hear of it, as I am trying to build a tool for my team.

Best regards,



May I add an additional question. How do you guys refresh the token. The process on how to create it once i get - but the token expires after 24 hours.

I have build a web application (using javascript, html5 and css)...and i need to have my token refreshed "programatically".

Any ideas?



great to hear this question, I do have the same issue for regeneration. Usually we regenerate token manually. Any Adobe experts can suggest a way to automate this process?