Total visitors < (New Visitors + Returning Visitors)



Hello Adobe Analytics,

I have a question on my new and returning visitors.

How can one explain that the sum of these 2 kind of visitors is slightly superior to the total visitors ?

I'm looking hard at this but can't fin any explanation .

These are my segments ;

New Visitor segment === Visit container [exclude : " Visit number  > 1"]

Returning Visitor === Visit container [" Visit number  > 1"]

Could it be that , some visitors are in both segments ? since they are new, but they also come back in that period ?

Kind regards !

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear Marion,

From your question, i need to get clarity that whether you are speaking about Visits? Or Visitors?

The segment you have is correct, but you should look into visits not visitors. So i will call it as

New Visits Segment === Visit container [exclude : " Visit number  > 1"]

Returning Visits Segment === Visit container [" Visit number  > 1"]

If you download Visits data, the overall should definitely match sum of two segment visits,

But if you use Unique Visitor as metrics or think to segment Unique Visitor based on New  Returning, the total will still match with the Visits count and not with the Unique Visitors Count, because the segmentation is based on the dimension "Visit Number" not "Visitor Number.

Thank You


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Answers (3)



Hello PratheepArunRaj​ !

Yes indeed you are absolutely right.

Now I got the right sum :

Total Visits === New Visits + Returning Visits

When I referred to visitors , I was talking about Unique Visitors .

So, how can i get to know the new Visitors and returning (Unique) Visitors ?

If I apply my segments with visit containers to the metric Unique visitors would that get me the right number of new Unique Visitors ?

My guess about the inqual sum was that maybe some Unique visitors where having a first visit and a return visit.

Kind regards,

and cheers !

PS : madhurc30892467​ Thanks for the reminder !!!





You may want to refer to this explanation on visit number:

Visit Number

Shows which customer visit numbers on your site most influenced your success metrics. A visitor making a first visit to your site is counted in the Visit Number 1 line item. Visitors that return to the site for a second visit are counted in the Visit Number 2 line item, and so forth.

You can use this report as a fallout report to see whether visitors are returning. You can also add a revenue metric to see whether you generate more revenue from initial visits or subsequent visits.

For example, this report could answer questions such as: Did customers who purchased on their fourth visit generate more revenue than those who purchased on their first visit?

You can break down this report by any other report or variable to determine:

  • How many visits does it typically take a user who clicked through campaign XYZ to make a purchase.
  • Whether users in Tokyo, for example, make more visits before generating a lead than users in London.

Note: If the same visitor visits your website multiple times in the same period, each specified visit number is incremented for each visit.This report is based on the visitor ID data that is passed to Adobe on every hit made by visitors. As this data is received, Adobe compares it to historical visitor ID data to determine whether the hit is:

  • A new visitor (Visit Number equals 1).
  • A previous visitor continuing a visit (Visit Number is not incremented).
  • A previous visitor making a new visit (Visit Number is incremented by one).

Please refer to this post as well: Visit Number Dimension