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I am looking to integrate Facebook Ads Manager data into Adobe Analytics as I want the campaign and ads sets data (cost, clicks, impressions) etc.

Is there a way to do this? My thought is Adobe analytics will ingest data given to it from Facebook on a regular basis (daily?) from a FTP file is that's possible?

Please let me know if that is possible and any solutions that would work...

Many thanks

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You would want to use Data Sources.​ It allows you to upload any data that you'd obtain from Facebook ads manager. It has the capability to regularly pull data via FTP.

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I use Facebook Insights API to pull data from Facebook Ads Manager so I can import it into Adobe Analytics every night (automated job). It's very simple application you can write in Java, Python or any other common language. I use Java + Facebook SDK for Java + FTP upload to Adobe servers using some Java library.

SAINT classifications structure:

  • Account Name
  • Campaign Name
  • Adset Name
  • Ad name
  • .. it's possible to add some more

Data sources (numeric success events):

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Cost

You just need to adjust landing page URL in all running ads. URL macro {{ad.id}} does the trick so you can match these uploads with your tracking code eVar and website behavior  



I also found a pretty good article on how to combine your Facebook KPIs with your Adobe Analytics data. They showcase the data example through another tool that pulls the data together and compares it to their platform benchmarks but hopefully it can give you an idea of how some marketers can view their Facebook data (likes/comments/shares/relevance/ctr) with the Adobe Analytics data (entrances/bounce rate/goals/engagement rate) at a high level (see a copy of their screenshot). Hope this helps!

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Hi mandyw65

We tried to bring it all into Adobe but it got messy for our clients and our account managers. Instead, we now use a third-party tool that basically combines our Ads Manager accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Adwords,etc...) with our Adobe Analytics data through their own analytics offerings to help us determine our best performing campaigns. You will need to ensure two things so that you can view your data correctly:

1. If you want to be able to map out your data so that you can essentially sort out which Ad performed by KPIs (ie shares/ad, comments/ad, ad spend, entrances, bounce rate, revenue, ROI), you will need to follow a standardized process for your link building. For example, your Campaign UTM link name will have to match how you named your campaign in Facebook. If they're different, your data won't match up.

2. You will need to set up your classification rules/classifications in Adobe to track your campaign URLs correctly. Otherwise, you won't be able to sort your data.

I'd be happy to share more about our experience with this tool. So far, it's been great for us and has helped us with FB optimization, increased transparency with our clients, and reduced waste for our entire team.