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jakobw14462603 20-11-2017


when I collect data on which devices access our page, I get the following report: Analytics.jpg

Can you tell me what exactly "Media Player" and "Others" refer to? Or if its possible to further distinguish/analyze devices that are classified under "Other"?

Thanks in advance!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

pabloc82923542 20-11-2017

The mobile report here is a breakdown of things you can expect:

Other is actually Desktop.

Media Player is something like a Sony blue ray player.

Settop box is a mini tv box like a Kodi box.

If you breakdown other by :



resolution can give you more info on its sub categories.

Answers (5)

Answers (5)

SarahEOwen 20-11-2017

Hi jakobw14462603

The "other" row denotes traffic from desktops/laptops.

There are reports under Visitor Profile > Technology that provide info on browsers and operating systems that you may find helpful.

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SarahEOwen 19-01-2018

Hi -

The User Agent is used to determine what the visitor is on (i.e. mobile, desktop, tablet....) when accessing your site.

These articles may be helpful too:

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philippa3256775 11-01-2018

Hi guys, I have a question regarding the mobile device type report, too.

where can I see the classification rules/definitions regarding the devices? it should be something like a list of OS, browsers etc. which define if it is a mobile phone or a tablet or a media player. I assume, that desktop (other) is calculated like this: 100% traffic minus mobile traffic minus tablet traffic minus Media Player minus top set box equals (other).

have a great day,