Adobe Analytics value limits (max number of rows)

stefanleever 30-05-2017

Hello everybody,

I am currently working at a company where we're in the phase of choosing our new analytics tool. In this process we're (obviously) also comparing tools with each other and we're currently looking into "out-of-the-box" data availability.

This means that we're looking at how many rows are directly (not through an API) available in:

  • a normal report (as far as I know this is 50k, but I would like to know whether this is the right amount).
  • a data export/extract (scheduled or directly requested) (afaik: 50k)
  • a data warehouse export (The adobe help pages state this is unlimited and as I can recall this is correct but I would really like to know how many rows DWH can export from the interface).
  • a workspace report (afaik: 200 rows per breakdown).
  • Unique values (cardinality) (afaik: 500k, but could this be extended?)

Can someone check these numbers on short notice?

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,

Stefan Leever

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Community Manager

Hi Stefan,

Welcome to the Analytics Community.

  • a normal report - 200 rows on a single page
  • a data export/extract - 50k
  • a data warehouse export - unlimited
  • a workspace report - 200 per breakdown
  • Unique values (cardinality) - 500k, but can be customized.

You can get more detailed comparisons here -

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Answers (10)


That's great troubleshooting!

I believed that if the top was not specified, it would give them all. However, looks like it defaults to 10 as you have mentioned, unless otherwise specified.



Hi Ali alim92960278

This can be changed by contacting Client Care at It is done using one of the back end tools.

However, please be advised that the limit of 500,000 is designed to optimize the reporting performance. Increasing the limit can impact reporting performance especially when using breakdowns, where the report can take time to fetch.


svedoe 05-01-2018

I am using a python module for querying the Adobe Analytics API. This resulted in the following JSON object being constructed as a request for the API:

INFO:omniture.account:Request: Report.Queue Parameters: {'reportDescription': {'reportSuiteID': 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXX', 'elements': [{'id': 'evar31'}], 'metrics': [{'id': 'event297'}], 'dateFrom': '2017-01-01', 'dateTo': '2017-12-31', 'sortBy': 'eventXXX', 'dateGranularity': 'month'}}

But after digging deeper into the (pdf) API documentation I found an additional  parameter for the element of a report to describe the number of rows returned for an element. This parameter is called top:

reportDefinitionElement --> top

Using this I am able to bump up the number of returned rows:

INFO:omniture.account:Request: Report.Queue Parameters: {'reportDescription': {'reportSuiteID': '', 'elements': [{'id': 'evar31', 'top': 5000}], 'metrics': [{'id': 'event297'}], 'dateFrom': '2017-01-01', 'dateTo': '2017-12-31', 'sortBy': 'eventXXX', 'dateGranularity': 'month'}}

Having dug into the python libraries code I found that there is no setting of this value at all. This leads me to the believe, that the API has a default value set for top if it is not set in the report definition.


Can you share the API request you are using? There shouldn't be a cap, especially at 10, unless specified in the API request.

svedoe 04-01-2018

I am currently experiencing the same problem. Regardless of what I do the max number of rows returned by an API report is 10. Quite hindering imho.

I remember not having the problem the last time I was using the API from a python script so I'm currently a little bit lost. Hope to find an answer non the less. Will keep you updated.

sujitb1706693 02-11-2017

what is the row limit if i want to extract data from API? am using logic app to extract data from Adobe API.

Currently fetching only 10 rows by default,thats too less! Is that the limit?

alim92960278 07-08-2017

Hi can you please explain this:

  • Unique values (cardinality) - 500k, but can be customized.

How can this be changed? I've looked in the ReportSuite configuration but I don't see it.


Community Manager

Hi Stefan,

I don't think there is a FTP related row limit. Adobe FTP would have a size limit of 2GB so as long as the file does not reach that size it should be good.

stefanleever 31-05-2017

Hello Tanmay,

Thank you for your quick response.

Regarding data warehouse. How many rows can be in a single file send to an FTP environment?

Thanks in advance and thanks for the page reference.

Best regards,