How to see ALL events by using tools like: omnibug?



Good Day Experts,

May I know how to see ALL events are triggered by using tools like omnibug?

I understand a "solution document" or asking the Admin would be the most accurate way, but it would be a long communication journey here.

So, I always use Omnibug to try to get information on my best.

But, will ALL events triggered can be listed in Omnibug?


The real case here is:

There is "Search" function on our website, there is "Internal Search - No Result" in Metric List. (no e**** event number).

Then, when I try to search a keyword like: !@#$%^&*( and click "Search", on the search result page, I cannot see such event fired.

I checked all the listed events like above, none of them represents a "Internal Search - No Result".

So, I am not sure whether it's not well tagged or I didn't find the right way.

Please help to advise.

Thank you.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Omnibug will most likely display server call send on same page. If your search reloads the page or open a new page then the server call will be lost.

You will have 2 solutions:

  • if you use google chrome (might be similar for firefox) you will need to select Preserve Logs in the network tab (Persist logs in FireFox)
    • Open you page, open the developer tools (ctrl + shift + i)
    • Go to network tabs in the developer tools and select box Preserve Logs
    • In the Filter box input b/ss
    • Reload the page
    • You should see a request in the network tag on load of the page
    • Click on it and you should see the String Query Parameters details which is what is being sent to Adobe Analytics
    • Now do the search and if you implementaiton is correct then you should see your request being sent when click on search button
  • Second solution would be to use Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger which should keep all requests being sent under networks. Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger - Chrome Web Store

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Answers (2)



Omnibug developer here - by default Omnibug will preserve the requests until one of 3 things happens:

  1. The user closes the developer tools, tab, and/or browser.
  2. The user clicks on the "Clear requests" button
  3. The user has disabled persistent logging across pages

So you can see all of the events that are shown in the session, as long as the user hasn't done any of the above. Additionally, you can then export the requests (and filter to just show Adobe Analytics) to see all of the events that are firing.

I know this is already marked as answered, but I thought I'd throw in my feedback too!




Dear H_L,

If you don't have an issue, kindly ping(private message) your public URL, will validate and let you know.

I always use 'Network' option in Developer Tab' to see both primary and secondary server calls.

Thank You