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We have migrated to the Adobe Experience cloud recently. Now, whenever I am trying to login to Adobe Analytics using the https://marketing.adobe.com/ or http://experiencecloud.adobe.com/,

I am unable to log in. It takes me to the URL Adobe Analytics Login where an error is shown telling Could not find Analytics account for the company that is linked with this experience cloud account. And when I click on the link to take me to log in to Experience cloud, it just keeps refreshing automatically but never logs in.

This issue is being faced by a few of my other colleagues too.

Can you let me know what the issue is and what is the solution so that I can log in to Adobe Analytics as before?

Thank you.


Harini S

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Accepted Solutions (1)



I had the same problem. My organisation migrated a few weeks ago. Some people had problems, but it turned out that they hadn't completed the migration by clicking on the "Get Started" button in the "new" welcome email. So it's worth ensuring that everyone's done that.

In my case, I had completed the migration, but still had the problem described above - it loops and hangs on the log-in page. I was using Firefox (v62, 64-bit). I switched to Chrome (v68.0.3440.106, 64-bit) it and magically works fine. I still can't login on Firefox.

Good luck!

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Answers (15)




Experience Cloud users in the Admin Console (Adobe ID or Federated ID) are linked to legacy Analytics users via email address.  If the email address in Admin Console matches the email address listed under the Analytics user login, then the system should link the Analytics user so the user can login to Analytics through the Experience Cloud with their Adobe ID or Federated ID.

When you remove a user from all Analytics permissions in Admin Console – our system should un-link the Adobe/Federated ID from the Analytics login.  When you re-add a user in Admin Console, the link should be re-established (given there is a 1:1 match of Adobe/Federated ID email to Analytics Login email)

However, the system can’t link Adobe/Federated IDs if there are 2 users in Analytics with the same email address.

If a user is able to login to Experience Cloud, but gets the "Could not find an Analytics account in company that is linked with this Experience Cloud Account" error, this is usually the cause.

There are a few ways to fix this:

  1. In Analytics> Admin>Analytics Users and Assets, sort the user list by email, and check if there are duplicate emails used for 2 or more user IDs
    1. If duplicate emails exist for more than 2 user ids, change the emails for the users that won't be linked to the Adobe ID (You can also transfer assets to another user, if you wish to consolidate multiple user ids into one) . NOTE: You can only change email addresses for users that are "Not Initiated" for the migration state.
    2. Re-initiate the account linking by removing the user's permissions in Admin Console, and then re-adding the user to Analytics permissions.
  2. Ask support to manually re-link the user to the correct Adobe ID/Federated ID.  This will work, but it's best to remove duplicate emails as described above to prevent any future linking issues.




Best to contact customer care on this - so the correct ID can be linked to the Analytics user.  The Federated ID may be used by some other Adobe Products (CC, Acrobat, etc) or trusted orgs using the SSO integration - Customer Care can look into that as well.



We are having the same problems.   We have Experience Cloud using Adobe IDs but people are unintentionally creating Federated IDs.  We have conflicts since Creative Cloud at our company chose to do Federated IDs (after Experience Cloud had migrated to Adobe IDs).

People are getting stuck in loops regardless of browser.   The Personal/Business ID selection is causing great confusion.




I have got an issue which I am unable to resolve.

I have an user with 2 Ids with the same email Id.

One Id is a Federated one and the other is an Adobe Id.

I need to remove the Federated Id for that user.

How do I do that? Your reply would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance.



We have the same problem. The user is getting "Could not find an Analytics account in company that is linked with this Experience Cloud Account". Deleting and re-adding this user through Admin console didn't generate an email, nor did it solve the sign in problem. Gigazelle​ what else to do?




When you change a user's permissions (more specifically give more permissions), another email is sent. Both the initial welcome email and 'you now have access email' both have a getting started button which takes them to the Experience Cloud.

If you want to resend the "Welcome to Adobe Analytics" email itself, you can delete the user and re-add them in the new Admin console.



Experiencing the same problem. Trying to access experience cloud in firefox I get into a loop, trying to access admin console in firefox, I get into a loop. Very annoying.



problem still exists. I can't find any logic why the new experience cloud login works for approx 75% of our colleagues but for some it is impossible to login. We migrated all users to the experience cloud at least 6 weeks ago.



same thing happening here. A couple of colleagues can login, others can't. We got a 403 error when we want to access the "Forgot passwort" link.