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Adobe Target Community Lens 3rd Edition, June 2023






Welcome to the 3rd edition of the Adobe Target Community Lens!   

The Adobe Target Community Lens is your community bulletin board, highlighting the latest updates from the Adobe Target Community, all in one handy place.    
In this edition, we are sharing updates from mid-April 2023 – mid-June 2023, including the most viewed Adobe Target content on Experience League, as well as the latest product releases, upcoming & past learning opportunities & resources, and a lot more!  

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Learn about all the new capabilities, upgrades, improvements, and fixes that were included in the latest release of Adobe Target:    





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Most Viewed Blogs, mid-April 2023 – mid-June 2023:  


Using Postman to Test Adobe API’s, by @vinay_sodha 


12 Adobe Target Profile Scripts (Ready to be copied), by Community Advisor @PratheepArunRaj 


Integrate Third-Party Data Into Adobe Target Using Data Providers, by @abhinavpuri  


Adobe Target offers a path to personalization at scale for Google Optimize ..., by Employee Advisor @bkostak 


Using mboxtrace to validate Target activity/offer entered from Chrome, by Employee Advisor, by @MihneaD 

Most Viewed Community Q&A, mid-April 2023 – mid-June 2023: 


What's the purpose of 'at_check' cookie? by @Raghu_Adobe  


Google Analytics integration with Adobe Target. by @matthewb2051561  


New vs returning visitor by @sabahatu1546489 


Is reactjs framework compatible with Adobe Target? by @rounakm69423068 


How to resolve "Adobe Target content delivery is disabled. Ensure that you can save cookies to your ... by @ganeshbyalebrillio 


Chrome CORB Blocking Response? by @joelc13866394 


How can I disable all Activities/Test just for my current session by @nikb747 

 Most Viewed Community Discussions, mid-April 2023 – mid-June 2023: 


[AT Community Q&A Coffee Break] WEDNESDAY 5/24/23, 8am PT: Answers to Your... 


Announcement: Adobe Target Mentorship Program 2023! | Shine out in the C... 


Adobe Target VEC error by @jasond23496956 


Target Prehiding Snippet makes the Page Blank for few seconds, Alternate? by @PratheepArunRaj 


What is your-tnt-id or your-thirdpartyid from Adobe Target Profile? by @prabakarm880930 


June 21st in NYC: Celebrate the extraordinary at the 2023 Adobe Experience ... 


The reason Why you see warning 'Adobe Target Content delivery is disabled', by @Khushboo_Kalia 


Most Viewed Community Ideas, mid-April 2023 – mid-June 2023: 


Adobe Target: Handle query strings in the URL, by @Khushboo_Kalia  


Debugger extension for IE, Safari & Firefox, by @laurenh60572845  


Reset page parameters (Launch, SPA website), by @markusb54298925 


// Adobe Target Idea - Adding Comments when Saving //, by @MRM_RC 


Improve the 2-person workflow concept for Target, by @maccg12 


Built-in Audience that Excludes Bots, by @SarahEOwen 


Create the ability to search by Target Activity ID in the main activities l..., by @uribeetx 


Marketer friendly interface to replace common profile scripts, by @maccg12 


Audience based on desktop screen size, by @MihneaD 

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