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Simple steps to check if Target Client Side implementation is working correctly (at.js or WebSDK)


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If we don't see this call, the implementation is not set up correctly. It's pretty simple to check. Here are the steps:

1. Open Google Chrome.
2. Right Click on an empty space and go to: "Inspect"
3. In this new window switch to the "Network" tab
4. In the filter box search for the word delivery (Note if nothing comes up you can also try the word interact)
5. Now in the regular browser window browse to The URL we are tryign to check.

If Target has been correctly implemented on this page you should see a result in the browser console when you search for delivery or interact.
If you aren't seeing any results that means that Target is probably not running on that URL.
For an example of what it should look like, see attached screen-shot of the interact call on adobe.com