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\// Adobe Target Idea - Adding Comments when Saving //


Level 3


Hi Adobe Team,

Please find my feature suggestion below:


Description -

Add a "Comment" prompt every time a Target Activity is saved to help be able to document changes in a Target Activity

Why is this feature important to you - 

This feature would be extremely helpful for documentation purposes; Yes many users utilize secondary ticketing systems or spreadsheets to help manage information, but I find that Adobe Target (being the source of truth) should be able to document changes in the activity from a different angle. There are description fields in the Goals & Settings, but those aren't viewable unless you actually open the ticket, and often are forgotten to be updated.

How would you like the feature to work -

Every time you save an Activity, before being able to save a user would be prompted with a Comment text field to add a small comment about what was done, which would then be displayed on the Change Log panel in Adobe Target (see example screenshot I created below):


This field should be text only and could be somewhat limited in character length if need be.

Every time you save a Target Activity, you should be prompted to add a comment (although it could be marked as an optional field if some users find they do not want to organize this way).

Current Behaviour -

Currently the only way to document text information is by opening an activity and navigating to the Goals & Settings panel


Please note this was previously posted in the Questions section of the Adobe Target Community and it was recommended that I add the post here.  (OG post:  https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-target-questions/adobe-target-idea-adding-com...)


Thanks for your time!






Thanks for your great Idea here @MRM_RC , and for sharing the link to your original Question - great discussion for the Product team to refer to! The team is looking into it 

CC @cristinel 

Status changed to: Investigating




Thank you MRM_RC for this well thought out idea! The Target product team is looking into your request, and will be circling back to the forum as they review feedback. 

Status changed to: New