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3 Proven Ways Adobe Analytics Demonstrates Digital Marketing Impact to Leads Generation


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Prove Impact using adobe analytics by Benjienen Toledo.pngWhen it comes to your marketing funnel, paid digital media's business impact may be diluted by some gaps in attribution and the multichannel touchpoints of customers. You are not alone in this challenge.

Despite our best efforts in tracking campaign performance and having digital analytics in place, some leads may still fall in the cracks and become organic leads that may be interpreted as having nothing to do with your digital campaigns.

This may resound to many digital analysts especially when some of the clicks to the website from your digital campaigns were missing.

Here are proven ways using Adobe Analytics to Show your Digital Marketing’s Impact to Leads Creation:

1. Correlation Analysis of Last Touch Channels

There are various scenarios when leads come to your funnel primarily from internal sessions timeout or direct channels, here’s a way to decipher that nuances. But if it came from natural search, search engine optimisation (SEO) may take credit.

Correlation analysis will help identify other channels that has the strongest influence on natural search.

Like in the data set below, you can do month on month correlation:


But typically, the volume and extend of digital marketing impact are more evident on a quarterly basis. Hence, quarterly correlation may be more significant:


2. Using Fallout

Visualise how within a given period, the last touch channel was the eventual path to form completions in your site. In the example below, it shows that out of 62,357 visitors from Paid Social (as the eventual path), there has been 27,140 form completions.


3. Deep Dive on URLs that Generated Leads

If the first two ways were not enough, another way is to identify the URLs with leads generated, and create a separate dashboard to understand the customer journey on those URLs. This is especially applicable in cases when your audiences convert on pages aside from the landing pages used in your paid digital campaigns.

Breakdown the entry URLs of those pages, as well as the last touch channels. Or you can also use Fallout for those URLs.


If you have other techniques in showing how digital marketing campaigns impact leads generation through Adobe Analytics, feel free to add in the comments below.