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i'm completely stuck with the system, we have an account which was setup by HQ and training (i assume) given to staff their, he then left and i don't think the knowledge of the system was passed on. I'm having issues with importing profiles via a workflow. The workflow was setup and we were told, just add the new .csv file and run the workflow however we get an error and even created a "simple" workflow produces errors with a code which requires some expert knowledge to decipher. 


Any help would be great, can pay in loo roll or hand sanitiser.

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Can you provide some more details like error from the workflow logs?

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For the reconciliation error, you need to use reconciliation keys instead of targeting dimension.

The error on the file deletion: it's deleted the file from the sftp or s3 once it's picked. it's not deleting the file after the import is completed.


You need someone to dive in the tool and fix your issues.






Hi David,


regarding "WKF-560029 The document types of inbound events ('' and 'head:profile') are incompatible (step 'Update data 2')"

Which reconciliation method did you choose in the "Update data" activity?

From the error I guess "Directly using the target dimension" though that would not work if connected to the Load File activity. Instead you would need to use "reconciliation criteria" and define valid lookup keys here.


regarding the error "BAS-010014 Cannot open file":

I would assume that in the Load File activity, the option "Delete file after import is checked".

If so, you can execute the workflow once and then the file is deleted so it would fail if re-executed without uploading a new file.

So you have to remove the checkbox and upload the file again