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Submitting and Reviewing Ideas on the Workfront Innovation Lab on Experience League




This blog is part of a Community Walkthrough series for old Workfront One Community members. Please see the directory below to navigate to other topics in this walkthrough guide:

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Submitting Ideas to the Workfront Ideas Page (formerly Innovation Lab) on Experience League


The Workfront Ideas Page (formerly Innovation Lab) you are all familiar with is now directly integrated into the Workfront Community on Experience League. Use this guide to learn more about how to submit ideas to the Workfront Ideas Page, vote on your favorite ideas, understand the meaning for each idea status, and more.

Important Note: Ideas on the Workfront Experience League Community leverage likes instead of votes. Whereas previously a single vote was worth 10 points, we have streamlined this system now so that 1 like is equivalent to 10 points or 1 vote.

You can demonstrate your interest in an idea by liking it (or commenting your opinion!). We will still apply the same threshold as the old Workfront One Community where an idea must reach 45 likes in order to be reviewed by our Product Management team. Similarly, ideas that reach the 18-month mark (from submission date) that have less than 30 likes will be archived. This is to ensure that our teams can devote their fullest attention to product suggestions that are most important to the Community.


  1. To navigate to the new Innovation Lab space, visit the Experience League Community homepage and select the “Workfront” box to be navigated to the Workfront Experience League Community homepage. Select the “Ideas” subtab. Alternatively, you can click this direct link.


  2. This “Ideas” subtab is the new home for the Workfront Ideas Page. All historical and future ideas for Workfront will be located on this page.


  3. To create a new idea, select the blue “Share an Idea” button. You will be navigated to the Idea Creation page.

    innovationlabwalkthrough2 copy.png

  4. Enter the title for your idea and write at least 4-5 sentences to describe your enhancement suggestion. The more descriptive your idea, the more likely product managers and community members will understand your proposal.

    You can also select a topic for your idea (e.g. Proof Approvals, Custom Forms, Resource Management, etc.) which will help categorize your idea and increase its discoverability across the Community.


    As a best practice, you can follow the framework below to write out your idea. If relevant, be sure to include screenshots of how your product suggestion may work!  
    1. Description -
    2. Why is this feature important to you -
    3. How would you like the feature to work -
    4. Current Behavior -

  5. Once you’ve written out your idea title and body, click the “Post” button. Your idea is now public and visible to anyone in the Workfront Experience League Community!




Reviewing Existing Ideas

On the ideas homepage, you will see all ideas listed out in a feed. Each idea entry will list out basic information including the idea title, idea submitter, date submitted, a preview of the idea body, as well as the idea stage, number of views, likes, and comments.



  1. Go to the Ideas home page.
  2. Click on any idea in your feed to navigate to the idea post. From here you can review the idea details as well as any additional comments from the poster or other Community members. Every like and comment goes a long way - be sure to like the idea or voice your thoughts to encourage a meaningful discussion!
  3. By default, the ideas homepage shows all, recently submitted ideas. You can adjust this view by toggling the “Sort” and “Filter” options at the top right of the feed.



  4.  The “Sort” option allows you to filter ideas by specific time attributes. See the definitions and options below.


    1. Most Recent: This is the default selected option. The Most Recent option sorts ideas by their submit date.
    2. Most Views: This option sorts ideas by the most number of views it receives.
    3. Most Likes: This option sorts ideas by the most number of likes it receives. Likes are equivalent to votes in the old Workfront One Community.
    4. Most Replies: This option sorts ideas by the most number of replies it receives.
    5. Oldest First: You can select this option to see the oldest ideas ever submitted on the Workfront Community.

  5. The “Sort” option allows you to sort ideas by their ideas status. Please note that ideas statuses are different on the Workfront Experience League Community. Please review the chart below for details (note that the Ideas statuses below are not a 1-to-1 mapping and are instead organized chronologically).

    Old Workfront One Community

    Workfront Experience League Community

    Not Planned: The Product team has determined they will not create a solution.

    New: A new idea is one that was submitted but has not been reviewed by the Product Management team. In most cases, it means that it has not reached the threshold for review (45 likes).

    Prioritized: An idea that was added to the curated list and deemed a winning or top idea by the community. These ideas receive top priority and attention from the Product team.

    Needs Information: An idea with this status demonstrates that the reviewer needs more information on the suggestion before making a decision.

    On Roadmap: Workfront plans to do this at some point in the future.



    Investigating: An idea with the Investigating status indicates that it is currently being reviewed by a member of the Product Management team. Please expect up to 3-4 weeks before a decision is made.

    Partial Delivery: Part of a solution has been created and delivered. Further updates will be provided.


    Accepted: This status indicates that the idea has been accepted by the Product Management team and will be added to the solution at some point in the future.

    Delivered: A solution has been created and delivered. No further updates will be provided and comments will be disabled.


    Delivered: A solution has been created and delivered. No further updates will be provided.

    Archived: Ideas that reach the 18-month-mark (from submission date) and have less than 300 points will be archived.


    Archived: Ideas that reach the 18-month mark (from submission date) and have less than 30 likes will be archived.


  1. Now you have everything you need to post and review product suggestions on the Workfront Experience League Community.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a private message or post a comment in the section below. Stay tuned for upcoming Workfront Ideas Prioritization cycles!




Community Advisor


Thanks for the clear instruction and how the point system works within the new Experience setup!


Level 10


Funny, I submitted an idea last March that got done with only 2 likes, while the one about "Remove users from comment string" has 170 and is not being considered. These are just 2 examples of many.


C'mon, do votes really count?


Level 6


Thank you! Is there any way to sort by ideas you have previously liked?




Hey @ChloeWY I don't believe there's a way to sort by ideas you've liked. You can only view ideas (and other posts) you've commented on by viewing the activity on your Community profile. I'll check with our platform vendor and circle back with you if there's another workaround.


Level 5


Is there a way in setting or otherwise to grey out items that you've already read without new updates/posts?




Hey @RyanKirk, unfortunately there is no native feature that labels posts or topics that you've already read. You can, however, subscribe to new activity in the Ideas board by clicking the "Subscribe" button on the Workfront Community and then selecting the Ideas option. This will send you email notifications anytime there is new activity on the ideas board. For further information, please check out the "Subscribing to Community Boards" subsection on the article.


Community Advisor


Hi @ChloeWY, the only way I've been able to find ideas I've liked is to navigate to my user profile (click your icon in the top right) and scroll down to activity. From there you will see the "Topics I've participated In" drop down. Look for the lightbulb icon on the left and you'll find ideas you submitted, liked, and/or commented to. It's not ideal but it's something.


@jon_chen, any chance Adobe could add some additional filtering to our user profiles to easily filter the types of topics as well as the author? That would go a long way and definitely a missed feature from Workfront One.




Hey @MoniqueEvans Thanks for bringing this up. We do not have the ability to filter by ideas you've interacted with at this point. The workaround you mentioned is the best way to find ideas you've submitted or liked, though I agree it is not ideal.


I'll submit this request to our product team to see if we can develop a custom solution.


Community Advisor


Thank you for putting together these Blog posts, Jon. They're super helpful!


Community Advisor


I wish there was an easier way to search for duplicate ideas with additional filters, and/or have a moderator to combine duplicates 


Level 1


Thank you for the guide! 

Is there any plans on making the "likes" a little bit more visible? 

For me this functionality, which all idea entries really focus around, seems to be a little "too hidden" - a little bit more emphasis on liking ideas would be something I'd really like to see!




Hey @MariusUzolas I appreciate the suggestion! At this point, there are no plans to add more visibility to the "like" component. The current button for liking content already has a dedicated section on each post, but I am happy to pass any feedback you may have to our Product team.


Additionally, you can also see who has liked a post by clicking on the "# Likes" hyperlink directly to the right of any "Like" button.