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How to Navigate the Experience League Community




This blog is part of a Community Walkthrough series for old Workfront One Community members. Please see the directory below to navigate to other topics in this walkthrough guide:

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How to Navigate the Experience League Community
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1. First, navigate to the Experience League homepage and select the Workfront Community. Alternatively, you can click this link to navigate directly to the Workfront Community page or by selecting the Workfront Community option via the navigation bar at the top of the Experience League page.  



2. This is the new Workfront Community on Experience League! On this page, you will see the standard forum layout with quick access links to other Workfront Community resources. 




By default, the forum feed is set to All – meaning that it will show every Community content type sorted by recency. There are a total of 4 content types on the Community: 


  • Questions: The most common content type on Community. Community questions can have multiple responses but only one “Accepted Solution,” which is determined by the Community moderator or original poster. Use this content type to ask any questions you may have about Workfront. 
  • Discussions: Use the discussion content type on the Community to talk about all things Workfront. Rather than a question about the Workfront product, use this section to hear other members’ opinions on.  
  • Ideas: The Innovation Lab now has a new home on the Experience League! Use the ideas section to submit any product improvements you might have for Workfront and any of its sub-solutions. Product suggestions will be reviewed regularly by our Product Management team. 
  • Blogs: The blogs section is the place for longform Workfront content. Please note that to post a blog, you’ll need to be a member of one of our Advocacy groups. Navigate to our blogs section to view thoughtful, deep analysis on Workfront topics. And now, you can comment on blogs to let us know what you think! 

3. Sub-communities and topics were crucial aspects within the old Workfront One Community that helped members access the content most relevant to them. 
On the Workfront Experience League Community, we’ve organized sub-communities and topics on the right-hand side of the Community page. Click on any of the available options to be directed to the respective sub-community or topic. Please note that sub-communities like the Workfront Administrator Bootcamp are private, and will only be accessible by certain Community members.  






Note: Users can also subscribe to boards by clicking "Subscribe" on the Workfront Experience League Community landing page.


4. To access your profile, Community preferences, and more, hover your mouse over your avatar located at the top right of any Community page to activate a dropdown menu (administrator options crossed out in referenced image).  



5. The Experience League Community platform supports language translation in 16 languages using Google Translate. To translate a community post, navigate to any post and click on the “Translate” icon to activate a dropdown menu, then you can translate the post into your preferred language. Keep in mind that this needs to be done for every post you’d like to translate. Additionally, the Experience League Community will always display content in the original language of the author.  



To update your community language preferences, hover over the globe icon next to your profile avatar and select one of 6 available languages. This will update the UI language settings, including buttons, tabs, sidebars, etc. but will not update the Community content. 



 6. To access your messages, click the letter icon to the left of your profile avatar. The messaging center is home to all your private messages with other Community members. A blue dot next to the icon indicates that you have unread messages.  




You can also compose a message by clicking on the Compose icon in blue on the left-hand side of the Messaging Center page.  


7. To access your community notifications, click on the bell icon to the left of your profile avatar. Like the messaging center icon, a blue dot will appear when you have unread notifications. The notification center contains all updates related to your Community activity, including replies to threads you’ve commented on, likes on your posts, acquisition of Community badges, accepted solution status, updates to your subscribed topics/sub-communities, etc. 




8 . To access your community profile, hover over your community avatar and select “My community profile” from the dropdown menu. Your profile page contains an overview of all your community activity, including badges earned, topics you’ve participated in, level, and total number of likes, comments, accepted solutions, and posts. It’s a great resource for accessing your previous contributions to the community, and keep up-to-date with all the achievements you’ve unlocked in our gamification system. 
Lastly, be sure to also check out the Community leaderboard by clicking on the “View leaderboards” button located to the right of the main profile header. The leaderboard is where you can see not only the top contributors within the Workfront Experience League Community, but also the top contributors across all Experience League Communities. 



9. If you have any further questions about how to navigate the Community, feel free to comment on this post or send me a direct message on Community. 


Quick Tips on how to Search for Content Efficiently


Using search in the Workfront Experience League Community is largely the same, with some minor tweaks. Please see some common questions and tips below to help you find the content you need in the most efficient manner: 


  • Why are some recorded assets not showing up in ExL Search?   
    If users are not finding what they are looking for in search, check if there are any filters applied, and remove/adjust those as needed. Users can also try adjusting your search terms.  

    Experience League is an enterprise unified learning destination with many content types and products to support. Sometimes filters are automatically applied to help provide more relevant search results when users are searching within specific sections of Exp. League. This is new for Workfront One customers, which is why we recommend checking filters first, and then refining search terms if they cannot find what they are looking for. If user starts search from Community, it will apply the Community content filter to results by default. If a user starts search from within Workfront documentation, it will apply the Workfront product filter to results).

    Example: In the example search query below, the user searched for "timesheets" within the Workfront Community. This will show search results only in the Community by default.

    If you'd like to filter your search results down to just the Workfront Community, select the "Workfront" filter under the "Product" carrot. Please note that this option is only available when you are searching within the Experience League Community. 

    If you'd like to expand your search to Experience League documentation or tutorials, click the "All categories" back button in the "Filters" sidebar directly below the "Content Type" carrot. This will update your results to search "timesheets" across all Experience League domains rather than just the Community. 


  • Why is the search functionality not returning the same results or quantity of results as the search in WF One? 
    Most Workfront content was brought in, although some learning content was reformatted into what Experience League calls courses and tutorials. We recommend if you do not see the result that you are looking for, try adjusting your search terms and removing some filters while ensuring you have the Workfront product filter selected. 


  • Will search results improve with time?  
    Yes, the Experience League search results have machine learning and artificial intelligence constantly applying more and more insights for more relevant search results over time 


  • Are there any tips on how to improve search results?  
    Try refining your search terms to more generic language if you cannot find what you need and always review your filters that are applied or not applied. If you are still not finding what you need, please post in the Workfront Experience League Community, reach out to your CSM, or submit a support ticket.