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Typeahead Field Filter Challenge: projects in the same program as this one


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On a project custom form I have a typeahead field with referenced object type "Project". I want to filter the selectable projects in the typeahead field just to other projects in the same program as the project I'm on. The use case stems from the Workfront limitation of the Portfolio>Program structure. Within the program we have groups of projects for which there is a "master project". IF Workfront had another level of organization under Program that would solve it. Since it doesn't, we need to designate "master projects" within the program. E.g. A program has 12 projects in it. These 12 projects actually represent 3 different initiatives, each is organized into 4 projects. Each initiative has a "master project". I need to associate the other projects in that initiative to their master project. I can use the project type typeahead field to designate a project's master project. Now I want to filter the typeahead options to just projects that are in the same program as the project I'm on. I've tried EXISTS and couldn't get it working. There's not a wildcard for project. I keep thinking an in-project report might be able to do it but I can't figure that one out either. For now my workaround is to filter to projects in a specified portfolio. It's better than no filter, but would rather filter down just to projects in the same program. Possible? Cory Anderson
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Hi Cory, I don't believe that's possible. First problem that comes to mind is that like other custom fields, once it's been created, the new Typeahead can be placed on any kind of form - Request, Project, User, Portfolio, etc. So let's say your Typeahead is called "Master Project" that somehow only shows projects "in the same program as this project." When you create the filter rules on the Typeahead configuration that same filter logic is always used where ever the Typeahead is placed, regardless of the object type of the form to which the field is added. The filter logic needed to interpret "show me all the projects in the same program as this" cannot work when "Master Project" is placed on a user form or portfolio form, because users and portfolios aren't contained within programs, so WF has no way of knowing what "this program" means in the context of those object types. Therefore, the Program must be hardcoded in the filter logic. The only way to get what you're after (and I don't recommend it) is to use display logic; which would still necessitate using hard coded dropdown options for the user to select a Program, along with a collection of Project Typeaheads that are each hard coded to an individual Program. Selecting a Program in the dropdown would display just the single Typeahead that matches the selected Program. That is a lot of squeeze and maintenance work for very little juice. William English T-Mobile
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@Cory Anderson‚ I just ran into this and found a work around/solution.

Although as @William English‚ mentioned, using this method would only work for your typeahead field if it is used exclusively on Programs.

On a program form, create a calculated custom field to capture the program ID (AKA: ID). I called the field Program ID (very original, I know).

Then I would apply the following text mode to the typeahead field you used called "Master Project" (which is also on a program custom form).

DE:program:Program ID=FIELD:programID

DE:program:Program ID_Mod=cieq


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I wanted to try something similar. When in a project, have a dashboard pinned to the left side navbar that lists all other projects in the same program in one report and all in the same portfolio in another.

There is no way to reference the program or portfolio the currently viewed project is in though.

I suppose I could create a calc field in the project form though. Get the current project's program, then list all projects with the same program (if that's even do-able). Not as pretty as a report, and not clickable but better than nothing.

On second thought, currently, we can click on the breadcrumb at the top to see other projects, that may be good enough.