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Template - Project Access - Column View


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We are doing some clean up of our templates and would like to set up a view the would show "Project Access" the same as we can see "Template Access" (Shared With). I cannot figure out a way to make this available in a view column. The information is there so I'm thinking there has got to be a way. Has anyone else done this? I'm I missing something obvious? Thank you in advance.


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Level 7

This is one I spent some time with Support on 9-10 months ago myself, and at that time it was not solvable. There have been updates to the API since then which might have changed that answer, but I haven't tried myself.

That being said, for a clean-up effort there is a possible workaround. While you can't (again to my knowledge) view the 'Project Access' defaults in a Template report, that information IS visible in a Project report. Looking at it on existing projects isn't meaningful since changes can be made after creating, but a brand-new project would be an exact match.

I would create a quick-start template that created a single new project corresponding to each of the templates. Then create a project-report afterwards that isolated those projects, and add the 'Shared With' column to view that information. You will see the appropriate icons for company/group/team/individual, albeit not with the actual breakdown of view/contribute/manage settings. Might be a text-mode solution, but I don't have one offhand.

In that same report you could also add the 'Template: Shared With' column to see the information side by side.



Level 4

Thank you. I was hoping to avoid "the extra" work, but sounds like that is the only way.

Much appreciated,