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Adobe Journey Optimizer Community Lens 2nd Edition, April 2023





Hey folks,

Here’s the 2nd edition of the Adobe Journey Optimizer Community Lens!

Adobe Journey Optimizer Community Lens is your community newsletter that highlights the latest updates from the Adobe Journey Optimizer Community in one place.

In this edition, we are sharing updates from January to March 2023, including, highlights from the Adobe Summit, the most viewed Adobe Journey Optimizer content on Experience League, the latest product releases, upcoming and past learning opportunities, and a lot more!


Adobe Journey Optimizer Community Lens


Learn about all the new capabilities, upgrades, improvements, and fixes that were included in the latest release for Adobe Journey Optimizer:

Adobe Journey Optimizer Releases:



Check out the highlights/recordings of our learning events from March 2023:



Hear from Adobe product leaders and practitioners and enhance your product knowledge with their expert insights:



Check out where your peers are spending most of their time learning in the Community and follow the conversations that pique your interest:

Most Viewed Documentations in March’23

Most Viewed Community Q&A in March’23

Most Viewed Community Discussionsin March’23

Most Viewed Community Ideas in March’ 23


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