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Accelerating Go-To-Market: How Workfront, Workfront Fusion, AEP, and AJO Integration Revolutionize Campaign Approvals


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In today’s digital age, businesses rely on effective project management and communication tools to streamline their operations and drive success. For marketing teams, ensuring seamless communication around campaign approvals is critical for timely execution and alignment across stakeholders. In this blog post, we’ll explore how the integration of Workfront, Workfront Fusion, Adobe Experience Platform (AEP), and Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO) can automate and enhance campaign approval communications, enabling organizations to deliver targeted messages to their audience efficiently.


Understanding the Business Use Case

Envision a scenario where a marketing manager greenlights a campaign project within Workfront, prompting an automatic initiation of a journey or campaign within marketing automation platform tools. This automated process ensures that tailored communications are promptly dispatched to the appropriate audience or segment. Traditionally, such procedures often relied on manual notifications or emails, which could result in delays and miscommunication. However, through harnessing the capabilities of Workfront, Workfront Fusion, AEP, and AJO, organizations can streamline this communication process, guaranteeing that timely and precisely targeted messages are effectively delivered to the intended recipients.




Integration Workflow Overview

  1. Workfront Integration: The journey begins with the approval of a campaign project in Workfront, where the status change triggers a sequence of events.
  2. Workfront Fusion and AEP Integration: Workfront Fusion comes into play by triggering an AEP API streaming endpoint, which adds the campaign project approval status to the event schema of a non-people-based primary identity in AEP.
  3. Adobe Journey Optimizer Configuration: Based on the approval status data received in AEP, AJO is configured to trigger a predefined journey using business event, which will orchestrate the communication process.

Integrating Workfront with Adobe Experience Platform (AEP)

Workfront Fusion serves as the bridge between Workfront and AEP, facilitating seamless data transfer between the two platforms. Through this integration, the approval status of campaign projects in Workfront is instantly reflected in AEP, providing real-time insights into the project lifecycle.

Leveraging AEP for Data

When it comes to storing campaign approval data in AEP, leveraging the platform’s flexible event schema is key. AEP allows organizations to define custom schemas tailored to their specific use cases, including non-people-based events like campaign approvals. By creating a dedicated event schema for campaign approvals, organizations can structure and store relevant data attributes, such as campaign IDs, approval status, timestamps, and associated metadata.

Configuring Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO)

AJO plays a pivotal role in orchestrating the communication journey triggered by the Workfront campaign approval business event. Using the approval status data stored in AEP, AJO determines the appropriate conditions using business event to trigger the predefined journey, ensuring that the right message reaches the right audience at the right time.

Designing the Communication Journey

The communication journey designed in AJO encompasses various touchpoints tailored to the audience’s preferences and behavior. From email notifications to SMS alerts, the journey is designed to engage stakeholders effectively and keep them informed about the status of campaign projects.

Ensuring Compliance and Optimization

Throughout the communication journey, organizations must prioritize data privacy and compliance. By leveraging AEP’s robust data governance capabilities, organizations can ensure that customer data is handled securely and in accordance with regulatory requirements. Additionally, AJO provides comprehensive analytics and reporting features, allowing organizations to track the performance of their communication journeys and optimize them for better engagement and outcomes.


By integrating Workfront, Workfront Fusion, AEP, and AJO, organizations can automate and enhance campaign approval communications, improving efficiency and ensuring stakeholders are promptly informed about critical milestones. This seamless integration not only streamlines workflows but also enables personalized and contextually relevant communications that drive engagement and satisfaction. As businesses continue to embrace digital transformation, leveraging the power of integrated platforms becomes increasingly essential for staying competitive in today’s dynamic market landscape.