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Adobe Offer Decisioning: Can a placement have more than one decision scope?


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This relates to the use of Offer Decisioning (OD) within AJO. Should a marketer have all possible offers eligible for a placement defined within one decision scope? Or can it be split between multiple decision scopes?

And related to the above question: If OD does allow multiple decision scopes for a placement, does the OD Edge API support just placement in the getOffer call? And OD would determine the best offer to return among all the multiple decision scopes that a marketer has defined?


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Offers can be split and repeat between multiple decision scopes

OD Edge API doesn’t work alone with placement , it needs activity/decision id to work.


If you are looking for a best offer among all offers for a specific placement, then add all the offers to decision scope under the specific placement



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Sukrity Wadhwa


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Yes, we are looking for best offer among all offers for a specific placement. So it would mean 1 decision scope per placement.

Though the tool allows us to have multiple placements within a decision scope, it would become too unwieldy.

At a per placement level, we will configure a decision scope, so the best offer among all offers are returned for that placement.


So does that mean, OD does not support whole-page optimization then? Meaning, multiple placements in a page and OD is aware of each offer returned in each placement? And optimizes each placement based on the offer shown in another placement on the same page?