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Add option to have an "enter/exit segment node" in a Journey.


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Description - I would like the option to have one step in a journey where customers are entering into a segment or exiting from a segment from this step.

Why is this feature important to you - This would help with orchestrating the journey so customers could at some point (depending on previous steps) enter into segment as part of the journey and that segment could then be used to trigger another journey or offer. I've used this feature in other tools and I find it very handy to connect journeys to each other at different points in time. They could also enter into a segment which excludes them from all email communication for X time for example, and then exit that segment whenever the journey says so.

How would you like the feature to work - 

1. I would like to have a node/step in a journey that only adds customer to a segment. The segment in itself is only set to accept customers coming from a journey and doesn't have any further requirements when being built. 

2. I would like to have a node/step in a journey that only exits customers from a segment. If needed this could also only apply to segments specifically built to be orchestrated from actions in journeys.


Current Behaviour -

We need to create a complex segment based on actions on commincation within a journey and those don't work as well as we would like them either. The counts differ from the reporting of how many clicked in an email to how many enter the segment based on the same requirement.

We can't create segments that are "empty" so of course this would have to be an option as well.



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If I understood your question correctly, I think this can be done with f.ex. "journeyversionID" and "message_id" or "url label" included in a segment (first/only example I could come up with). I have created this previously with a segment where I only included customers who had clicked the "unsubscribe" label (set within the email node) in emails from specific journeys (journeyversionID), and it seemed to be quite accurate. 


This might be similar to the use case you have tested, but if not I hope it's helpful. Let me know if you have any questions