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Availability of Automated Segments & Important Attributes - AP/AT


Level 2

Is there a reason why after a couple of weeks of running AT, experiences are served with ML audiences (green tick icons), and 'new' insights report popup already came up, and yet, there is no data in automated segments and important attributes reports? I tried different end dates for the last 15 day range report view refresh, but to no avail. 

Is this a bug? I also tried a differnet browser and connected from outside our work environment, but no difference. Can you help explain exactly how those reports should become available, so we can manage expectations of stakeholders.

Thank you for your help!  


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Level 4

This was posted some time ago but I'm running into the same issue. My A/B test has been running for quite some time, I have decent visit and conversion data, and I'm utilizing the "Auto-target for personalized experiences (50/50 split)" traffic allocation.  When looking at reports I'm seeing green checkmarks so the algorithm models have been created.

 Automated segments and Important attributes reports are showing an error message when trying to pull up even though I have the report dates as either 15, 30, or 45 days. Error message reads "Automated Segments and Important Attributes not available for this date range". Any solutions to this problem? 



Thanks for your question here YT_Tsutsui and for your +1 to it @ben_mrm ! I know this question is over a year old now but in case anyone wants to try to take a stab at it to close it out with deeper insights, please do  Cheers!

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Level 4

Thanks for resurfacing! I just launched another A/B test powered by Auto-Target, I just hit the 15-day mark and I'm not seeing any automated segments nor important attributes reports. I'm starting to get worried again that this wont work. What might be going wrong here?