Count of distinct values (line items) for a variable



Very often a user doesn't know the total number of distinct values for a variable. It would be quite helpful if the same is shown somewhere (as was in HBX - in the last row where the total metrics were shown). For example - number of distict Natural Search Keywords that received at least one response - quite important a metric for SEO health check. Also helps in expecting the number of rows while 'Saving a report'. Currently I end up selecting the maximum possible number (50000 for csv and so on) but I have no clue what the actual number is like.

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I also have to do an export to Excel and do a sum to get the total of unique items.  If it was on HBX, it should be on SC as well.



I want it by all means!



I totally agree with this one too - our SEO team has been putting serious pressure on me to get this. Very annoying that you can't get this in Omniture, but you can get it in Google Analytics. This particularly helps understanding the long tail keywords effect, and being able to monitor this year over year.


Please add this function ASAP!



One thing I think that Analysis Workspace does better than Site Catalyst is they have easy reference for the total count of rows a dimension has. For instance, if I want to see the total count of customers I have within Analysis Workspace, all I have to do is look at the dimension and it tells me the total right there. In Site Catalyst, I have to type in an absurdly large number to make sure I get to the last entry and then note that.


Thank you!





I came back across this post and have since figured out a work around that has worked for me.




In this instance, I just selected day as my dimension and made a metric called "Visit count". It says the number is 23 for each row in the dimension. What it is doing is returning the count where the value of visit eqists. In essence, I have 23 row items in my dimension so it counts in the same manner that you were talking about. I use this metric on other dimensions when trying to figure out the count without having to scroll through like you discussed.



Raised previously but a count of unique values in a dimension would be very handy (without visually looking at row count). As a publisher I'd like to correlate/trend unique article ids with traffic.



I agree with the issue highlighted above. To be more specific about what the solution looks like, in the Calculated metrics, I am looking to be able to put a Dimension inside the `Count` (or maybe a `Count Distinct`) so that I could have COUNT(DISTINCT evar 03 values) without having to do odd stuff with row counts. I am looking to be able to graph that count over time without having to jump through a bunch of hoops.




what about the row count function in calculated metrics?  it shows the same value for each row but is a work around.



anyone found a good work around for this without having to use row count which wouldn't work if you want multiple distinct counts in one table (for visualization) .. or is this on roadmap ?



found ..

Approximate Count Distinct (dimension)

.. any plans on getting an exact count ? dontaskdontget​