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training for beginners


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Hello all! Our company is very new to Workfront (less than 6 months). We love the training videos on the website and the pdfs, but we want to create a beginner How To that would streamline the training into one document. I was wondering if anyone here has created something similar that would be willing to share it. Thank you!


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Hey Heidi,

It's great that you're using the resources on WF One, there's loads of great content here to help new users. Have you seen the 'Getting Started' training document templates that are available? These contain some great content on the basics for the different Workfront persona's . . . . . and are in PPT format so that you can tailor and update them to your own organisational specific requirements. These should be a great starting point for you.

Take a look at the 'Training Users' section here on WF One where you can find PPT templates for collaborators, workers and planners.

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thank you for the reminder. It was a long time ago that we used them



Hi Heidi,

Former customer, now Adobe Workfront employee here! As a customer, early on, a lot of our training materials were quick one-sheets created in Word with links and screenshots. As we solidified our processes, we created more in-depth guides (powerpoint guides that explained who, what, where, when, why, and how for each role).

As @Richard Leek‚ mentioned - the powerpoints are a great place to start! It gives you some basic framework that you can customize and build off of.

Another idea - for those that will be in the tool regularly (your planners and workers), you might think about setting up a training project. You can set up a practice/test portfolio and exclude those projects from your reporting - but you can assign tasks for things you want them to do, have them test proofs, tag other users, or even have a task for "Watch XYZ training video" with a link in the description.

I would recommend thinking about what your most common questions are. For me, it was around logging in, requesting access and proofing, so those were the first things we tackled. Even before they were formalized in a PDF, I had email templates of responses I sent to common questions. The more you can templatize things for yourself and create shortcuts to answers, it'll help you in the long run!

I don't have any of my old examples, but hopefully others can share some of theirs to give you some inspiration.

Welcome to the Adobe Workfront family!



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Welcome to Workfront Heidi!

We've been in Workfront for about 15 months. It still feels new. As we on-board new employees, the group admins schedule an Workfront introduction session, with the expectation their specific area will train them on their workflows. Prior to the introductions, we send the Welcome to Workfront 7-minute video. This provides an high-level overview to the software, including the Pins, Favorites and Recents guide, Personal Tasks and Workfront Outlook Plug-In.

Overtime, we created a SharePoint site for our best practices, e.g., naming conventions, creating templates, etc. Workfront has a best practices section for a good starting point. You can use that to create custom resources that focus on your organization's best practices in order for your work to stay consistent , reporting accuracy and resource management.