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Rearranging report groupings on a dashboard


Level 1

I'd very much like to rearrange the groupings in one of the reports embedded in my dashboard.

The default grouping is by Issue >> Status.  The 'Awaiting Feedback' group appears first,

followed by 'In Progress'; I presume they are sorted alphabetically.

Is there any way to force 'In Progress' to the top of that report?

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Community Advisor

If you'll always want to sort reports with status in a certain order, you could rename your statuses in a way that would alpha sort them however you want. For example change Awaiting Feedback to Pending Feedback so it falls after In Progress...


Level 1

Excellent!  Didn't think about a rename. 

(I might just create a new status, 'Pending Feedback', so I can essentially

toggle back and forth between 'Awaiting...' and 'Pending...'.)