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Quick Tip: Use filters, views and groupings on any object list to drill in and report on data without ever creating a report.



A reporting quick tip that says you might not need a report?! Yes.

Sometimes just creating filters, views, and grouping (and combining them as it makes sense) and adding them into layout templates can elevate critical data for your teams. This can make it simple to navigate to the data, and sometimes, avoid the need to create yet another report.

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Level 10

I've started doing this for our 400+ reports. I've already gotten it down to 256. Most of our admin reports have been pared down to just one report for each type and using filters & views to simulate different reports.

It also became admin policy to share our own custom views, filters and groupings with the admin team via our own admin layout to avoid duplicates.

We've also suspended permissions for regular users to create their own filters, views, and groupings. After perusing the user created ones, I discovered most of them were not showing what was intended due to the users lack of technical and API knowledge.

Thanks for this Quick Tip series. It's really been helpful so far..



Hi Randy,

I'm so glad to hear you're trimming down your reports. Going from 400 to 256 is a huge difference! I bet that makes it easier for you to maintain by a long shot.

I'm so glad to hear you like the Quick Tip series.