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End User Feedback on Latency....


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"this whole Workfront not loading thing is going to make me snap. it's out of control."

"omg. i have to refresh 4 and 5 times per job. nothing will load in the center of the screen. it's maddening"

"Can we please go back to just using Teams, at least things opened then"

So......anyone have any luck on solving this? I know it's Thursday and WF doesn't play well on Thursdays but.....I'm out of things to tell our end-users about why they should just tough it out.


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No luck. They say they're "working on it" and to open a support ticket. I wouldn't waste my time opening a ticket though.

I'm hearing it'll improve with the next update (21.4 I guess?) but that was from a support person whom I'm sure is told to say that.


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Our team has begun to come up with an endless amount of Workfront jabs.

Work Front may soon become the new cuss abbreviation in text messages:

‚Äî“Can’t make it tonight, srry”

‚Äî“WF, bro!!”

"Good thing it’s not named Work the Front."

"I heard Spielberg is working on remaking a classic: All quiet on the Work Front"

"WorkFront is infallible and all-powerful. Every success, every achievement, every victory, every scientific discovery, all knowledge, all wisdom, all happiness, all virtue, are held to issue directly from WorkFront’s leadership and inspiration."

"Turns out that the answer to life, the universe, and everything is not 42. It’s Workfront."

"Maybe “What is Workfront?” is actually the ultimate question."

"Well, whatever Workfront is, it can certainly take a lot of patience‚Äîwhich I don’t have. Oh, I used to pray for patience, but I got tired of waiting for that prayer to be answered!"

@Kyna Baker - inactive‚ HELP.



Hey guys,

Thank you so much for continuing to share and raise the concerns here! I know that this is a priority for the engineering team and like Randy said, work is coming soon to hopefully address many of these types of issues. I'm working on getting someone from the product team to give you the most recent update.

Again, appreciate all of you sharing, please know I pass this along to internal teams every time, and every single support ticket also does get taken very seriously as well.



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Stupid question (esp. since we were having some trouble the other day as well), but have you tested other web browsers? We started noticing issues with Workfront and older browsers a few months ago, and I've found some people in our office who were just so use to IE11, they didn't know anything else. We moved them to Microsoft Edge for Workfront (and everything), and problem solved.



Hello everyone. Bryan Pino here – I am the Head of Engineering for Adobe Workfront. I want to thank you again for your continued feedback on performance and your experience with the Workfront application. We greatly value your feedback and input as it helps us make better decisions on where to focus to provide all of you with a better product.

In May, I posted related to the investment Adobe Workfront was making on usability and performance improvements in 2021, specifically with the new Workfront experience. I wanted to provide a quick update on the work that we’ve done there already, what is coming next, as well as a few other things we’d like to do to help understand and improve the performance of the application for each of you.

What we’ve done so far

  1. Reduced average load times for Issues Lists by 60% (Project and Task lists coming soon!)
  2. Reduced average load times for Issue details pages by 14%.
  3. Reduced average load times for Project, Task, Issue updates pages by 7%.
  4. Reduced average load times for Requests pages by 15%.
  5. Updated Task create/edit workflows with new user experiences to help with usability and performance.
  6. Introduced improvements that reduced database load by 8%.
  7. Consolidated network calls and eliminated unnecessary external scripts reducing load times on every page load.

What is coming next in Q4 2021

  1. Improvements to general load times for Updates, Scenario Planner, Blueprints by updating UI architecture and in other areas going forward.
  2. Load time improvements to Project and Task lists.
  3. Load time improvements to other high usage lists throughout Q4.

As I mentioned in my earlier post on this topic, the improvements above are a result of our data analysis on areas we should focus on to improve general performance for most anyone using the Adobe Workfront application. While we’ve had success with this, we also recognize general improvements don’t always have the same impact on all customers.

If you are having different issues with Workfront (recent performance changes, consistent issues for some users/groups, particular interactions are especially slow, etc.), we’d like to get more information from you so we can better understand your experience and hopefully make improvements that are more meaningful to you. If this is you, please fill out this form and we will engage to take a deeper look at your specific case.

Please note, the form above is not a replacement for creating tickets and working with Adobe Workfront Support to manage your needs with the application. Please continue to do that as normal. However, we are interested in more specific feedback from you on application performance, which the form will help provide.

Thanks again for your engagement here. I look forward to learning more from you so we can add to the meaningful improvements we’ve made already.



Hi again everyone!

I wanted to take a quick moment and provide an update on some information I provided you in my post above. As I mentioned, we were working hard to release improvements to the Project and Task lists to improve performance on those highly utilized pages within Adobe Workfront.

I am happy to say those changes were deployed last Monday, October 18 and we've seen some pretty incredible results.

We've been tracking load times on both the Project and Task lists since the change and performance has improved by over 65%! All of the median load times for these pages are now under a second and even the slowest list loads are now completing in less than 3 seconds on average.

So that is really great news...so far. I say so far because we have a few things still in the works to improve performance in lists even further. These changes should be coming in the next month or so!

Additionally, we'll be rolling out these changes to all lists over time, but we've hit the major ones with the Project, Task and Issue lists because they are the most utilized lists in the application.

Anyway, I am happy we've rolled these changes out to you and hopefully you have noticed the difference!

Thanks for your patience as we worked through all the details in making this change. Please let us know what your experience with the change has been and keep providing feedback as we continue to work on further performance improvements!


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@Bryan Pino‚ thanks so much for the updates. I honestly have forgotten about the latency issue because it's been THAT much more improved.

Keep up the great work!