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I am looking to share a proof to a client, but I do not want them to see all our internal comments. Is there a way to set it up so they can be invited via email and click on the proof to view, but not see internal comments? I don't have access to any backend coding-just a designer here!!




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Can you just upload a separate file just for them? This would be the easiest although a bit more work on your side to look at two proofs.


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I would do some testing first on this but there is a way to do automated approvals with proof with multiple stages which gives you the ability to mark stages as private. If you mark the first stage as a private stage then add the user to the second stage it should hide all the detail of the first stage? I've never done it so definitely test this - maybe your admin or workfront SME could help provide some guidance or testing.


  • Private stage: When this option is selected, comments and decisions are not visible to people who are not added to this stage or are not Supervisors, Administrators, or Billing Administrators in the account




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We place the internal review files into a folder called Internal Review and then restrict the access to that folder to just the internal design team.  Then we upload a clean file into the Stakeholder Review folder.  That file can be shared out with anyone for proofing feedback.