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Can a Task update across multiple Programs/Projects


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New user here- Looking for a way to make a task update across multiple projects (or a project to update across multiple programs). 

i.e.- "Bob" has task A which applies to program or project "1", "2", and "3". So when A is done or uploads a document to A, it shows complete with the same document in 1, 2,& 3.

Dare I say a task "Alias".....





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A task is associated with a single project (1:1 relationship) so task A would need to be created in each of Project 1,2,3.  It would be possible with Workfront Fusion to trigger the other tasks and/or documents to complete/upload based on a task completing.  The 1:1 relationship is the limiting factor.


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Thank you for the response, Kurt. It seems like there would be a larger use case for Adobe to add this functionality, especially in teams that share a common meeting or step. In my specific instance, 2 separate workflows/teams share the same meeting. It'd be nice to have that task updated simultaneously. 

I would think that having the option to use the task reference number would be a way to link the task in multiple workflows. 

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