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Confusion concerning document approvals / new document approvals


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I am a bit confused concerning the new document approvals.

Can anybody help me to understand, what Adobe is planning concerning this feature? 


The problem is, that it is already rolled out, if the fast release process is enabled, but the approvals are stored at a different place in the database. As noted in the above linked article, the new document approvals are not reportable in the current reporting tool.

As described here, I need to report, how many document approvals a specific user has made.

So, using my "workaround" using the journal entries will provide me with the count of new document approvals and the document approval report will provide me with the "old" document approvals...?

This is completely confusing to me because I spent half the day trying to figure out why both reports gave me different numbers and to understand that these two reports show me completely different data.


Does anybody of you perhaps have an idea, where to find the "new document approvals" using the API?

Calling DOCAPL provides the old ones, and calling the endpoint APPROVAL gives me the error message


Error: 500 - {"error":{"message":"Cannot invoke \"String.contains(java.lang.CharSequence)\" because the return value of \"java.lang.Throwable.getMessage()\" is null"}}



Sorry, for the confusing post, but as mentioned, I am confused as well. 




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we're stuck too -- i.e. I can't migrate to the new doc approval functionality unless there is reporting available.


As far as I know @mattmitchell will likely have a widget available in Canvas Dashboards and @jbarron will has already provided a widget for Home Workspace. We're also waiting to hear that canvas dashboards will be able to be attached as a custom section in an object. So... lots of dependencies.


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@jon_chen are you able to bring anyone into this thread that has insight here?

If this helped you, please mark correct to help others : )



@lgaertner @Madalyn_Destafney @skyehansen The new document approvals is setting the foundation for the future of content review and approval. For reporting, the approvals data is housed in a new database. It is reportable via the new Reporting Canvas Dashboards Beta and it would be great to have your feedback. If you're interested, please sign up here. Just let me know you've signed up and which company you are from and I can follow up. 

As far as the API, it is not accessible publicly yet, but will be by the end of August.