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Can a project owner turn off update streams on a project (in an attempt for confidentiality)?


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I have a project manager who is very interested in making her projects confidential due to business financial content. I explored Workfront One and shared the article I found on limiting visibility. I also explained that other users besides System Admins would not be able to search and find the project or any of its contents, and only System Admins have visibility to the Project Update streams if they go to her profile. Is there a way we can turn off the update streams for her projects? Any other tips or best practices from the community on helping users create "confidential" projects?


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Hi Elena,

That is a valid and interesting question, but to my knowledge, Updates (and Notes) are a global, "always on" feature within Workfront. It might be possible to use the API to delete them after the fact (untested), but -- just as Updates (and Notes) provide a useful audit trail in regular projetcs -- I believe they would similarly helpful on confidential projects (and perhaps even more important). Accordingly, I'd recommend you pursue restricting permissions as you've proposed, and add some extra time for some "Login As" confirmation that it is sufficient for your PM's requirements.




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This is probably a messy long-way-around, but:

If this person works on confidential projects quite a bit, what if you created a separate user login for her and her own "pocket universe" to work in via controlling everyone's access to items created under that login, similar to how others have separate departments in Workfront that are isolated from each other.

This will make reporting and other functions more tedious if these confidential projects have to be reported on alongside the non-confidential projects.

We've done this with other systems (like Box) which don't have robust ways to cordon-off content and such isolation is required at a Legal or Regulatory level. Or when other departments have joined our WF instance but aren't part of our workstream and/or "just want to use the proofing module."


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Just another suggestion, couldn't you go into Project Access, advanced permissions and uncheck the "view finance" box for everyone who the project is shared with except the project owner?