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Sharing Settings for Queue Topics


Level 7


Want to make some queue topics only visible to certain groups/users within the company.



Level 10


I suppose this would only apply to queues that were visible to all users, but a nice idea. This is along the lines of one of our ideas, which is to have the ability to show/hide queue topics and move them to different projects.


Level 2


This functionality is one that would make our lives so much easier. Essentially, when a queue topic is selected, it would automatically open up sharing to a certain group/individuals--without having to manually touch the issue to change the settings.


Level 3


We have queue topics that logically should live under the same project/group, but should not all be available for the same set of requestors. As long a access is controlled way up at the project level, we are frustrated. This feature would make our lives much better.


Level 4


I have a business process that operates against 2 queues; Forms Production and Forms Production Administration. The first is used to request Create / Edit operations and the second is used between two teams to manage inventory levels or manipulate a library of content. Would be convenient to have that business process under a single Queue; sharing the Create / Edit topics with all requesters and the other, more admin-y topics only being shared with workers.