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Settings and Sharing per Queue Topic


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Description - When setting up a request queue with different queue topics, it would be really helpful to limit who can see each queue topic.


Why is this feature important to you - This would allow users to only see topics that apply to them while minimizing the number of queue projects in the system.


How would you like the feature to work - Allow for the "Queue Settings" to be applied differently across each queue topic. Each "Queue Topic" would have its own settings with a checkbox to inherit the projects settings or to customize the queue topic's settings. Also allow for sharing within each queue topic so we could provide proper visibility into each topic.


Current Behaviour - For every topic that needs different visibility, a whole new request queue needs built which causes a lot of clutter in the initial request screen.



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I suppose this would only apply to queues that were visible to all users, but a nice idea. This is along the lines of one of our ideas, which is to have the ability to show/hide queue topics and move them to different projects.


This functionality is one that would make our lives so much easier. Essentially, when a queue topic is selected, it would automatically open up sharing to a certain group/individuals--without having to manually touch the issue to change the settings.


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We have queue topics that logically should live under the same project/group, but should not all be available for the same set of requestors. As long a access is controlled way up at the project level, we are frustrated. This feature would make our lives much better.

I have a business process that operates against 2 queues; Forms Production and Forms Production Administration. The first is used to request Create / Edit operations and the second is used between two teams to manage inventory levels or manipulate a library of content. Would be convenient to have that business process under a single Queue; sharing the Create / Edit topics with all requesters and the other, more admin-y topics only being shared with workers.


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Hi @jon_chen, could we bring the likes from this Idea over to this one? Same concept, but this Idea above goes into more detail to covers the linked one and more.




This idea is currently being investigated by the Workfront Product Management team. An official response will be provided by the end of May. Thanks for your patience!










Status changed to: Investigating




Hi Everyone,


This is a great feedback and we are aware of this.

We are working now on improving the end-to-end work intake and requesting process in Workfront and we will make sure to consider this request as well.


Thanks a lot for your patience!


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This is also a feature frequently requested within my org, and would greatly help consolidate our request queue clutter as well as streamline some of my Fusion automations. Hoping for good news soon!