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Allow rules for Tasks like Projects in Access Level settings


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Description - Today I learned from the Grant access to projects | Adobe Workfront article that you can create rules based on when a user of that Access Level creates a project. It would be amazing to have a comparable function for Tasks.

Why is this feature important to you - When working with vendors that are represented by multiple users, it would be helpful to automate allowing all of users associated with that vendor to at least see what the rest of the vendor users are working on. Fusion can accomplish this, but the rest of us are stuck with either sharing by template configurations or individually by project. In our case, we "collect" vendor users by company, therefore we would like to give visibility to all projects the vendor touches by sharing projects to the company.

How would you like the feature to work - In Access Levels settings, allow admins to create rules for Tasks along the lines of "When a user is assigned to a task, grant x access to their team/group/company."

Current Behaviour - You can only add rules for projects. See community thread here.