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Ability to curate a list of users to ask to grant access


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Description - I'd like the product manager for this area to explore ways to indicate a list of users that it's appropriate to ask access from, in order to view an object.


Why is this feature important to you -

1) The majority of the list is random and often the wrong person is on the list. 

2) Our service account owns a lot of objects in Workfront and should be excluded from the list since it is not a real person.

3) In particular, the hierarchy for an issue is incorrect (for a task the owner is the primary assignee or the project owner, and for an issue it's the primary contact or the project owner -- I'd like to see the primary assignee in this list as well)


How would you like the feature to work -

There are any number of solutions. For one, add the primary assignee for an issue onto that list. For another, be able to indicate on the user object that this person should never be asked for access (this would solve our service account issue). Ideally, you should be able to indicate an owner for ANY object (this includes reports) so that you can manually put this person at the top of the list.


Current Behaviour -

per link, there's a set hierarchy of who gets asked to grant access -- usually two people, one being the owner of the object and the other being the owner of the container. However there's a potential list of 10 so the remaining names are somewhat arbitrary and apparently random (although I've also found the same names get repeated over and over)




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i recently learned that Workfront chooses the person with the most access that an object is shared with to be the one notified that someone requests more access. I would like to be able to customize how the granter User is chosen or at least have it defaulted to the owner of the object.

For example a collaborator wanted more access to a project and I was given the notification since I am an admin and the project was shared to me. However I had no idea who the person was or if they should have access so I had to reach out to the project manager (who was the owner of the project). Ideally I want that request to go right to her.


+1, Monique! We learned the same thing, even if an object does not have an owner, such as a request queue, the default is a list of Admin's names alphabetically. It would be great to set a default person either at the admin level or the object level so admin's don't get request access emails for items they don't know much about. It just creates extra work that is unnecessary.


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I've often wondered why I would get requests for access instead of the project owner!

Project owner makes the most sense to me.

Although I do sometimes run into instances where I choose not to grant access where it was actually requested. For example, if someone's requesting access to a project, I might go up to the program or portfolio level if I know they are going to need access to all projects and I don't want to grant it one-off on each project.