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Leap User Group Follow-up (June 30, 2020) - All About Reporting



The purpose of this thread is to continue the conversation from the “Special Edition” Leap Virtual User Group on All About Reporting on June 30, 2020.

Many thanks to everyone who came to our virtual meetup! Special thanks to @Trevor Pierce‚ for sharing his mad reporting skillz.

As promised, attached is a PDF of the presentation, and you can watch the recording here.

Do you have any outstanding questions? Anything you didn’t get a chance to ask or that wasn’t discussed? Or have a resource you want to share as a follow-up? Leave a comment below. (Pro Tip: “Like” this thread to be notified as people reply.)

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Workfront usage dashboard kickstart:


Workfront cleanup dashboard kickstart:


These are great to see the areas of engagement and clean up areas for system admins 👌


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Cleanup Dashboard that Nikki posted is super helpful

I use this page quite a bit

Calculated Data Expressions (CONCAT, ROUND, SUM, etc)


as well of some of the examples on this page or the other page linked to from here

Understanding Common Uses of Text Mode



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In our breakout, a question was asked if you can report on tasks/issues in one report. I thought we did but couldn't remember how. My wizard, @Anthony Imgrund‚ reminded me.... You can if you use the Assignment Object type (its just not inline editable). See attached for more info!



Hi all - as promised, here is a link to the recording of today’s session:

PLAYBACK: Leap User Group: All Things Reporting - June 30, 2020 (24 minutes)


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Just listened to the recording . . . wish I could have joined! I hope there will be more of these!

Also, thanks to those who have posted the various links. Love these type of things!


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I was just listening to the Leap session on the EXISTS filter and there's a report mentioned there that I thought would be super helpful considering some of the discussions it looks like at least a couple breakout groups had on the cleanup dashboard.

it's a filter for: Show me all custom fields that are not currently in use on any forms.



Funny, that's the second time someone has mentioned that session this week! In addition to encouraging everyone to listen to the recording, we might have to rope in @Anthony Messam‚ to drop some knowledge at a future reporting User Group! :)


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Here's another helpful empty report @Heather Kulbacki‚ !

Remove Empty Projects report: This pulls any project with zero tasks, issues, or documents. The columns I include are project name, entry date, actual hours, owner and entered by name to double check that it's an empty forgotten project and not one someone is still in the process of creating. Grouped by Project Group to easily sort my domain.