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Personalize AJO content with external data


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Hi Community,


I have configured an external API as a data source and I'm attempting to retrieve some data from this API endpoint to personalize my AJO email content.

I am making a call within the journey to update the profile data (that I have extended with the relevant fields), and then referencing this profile data in the subsequent email.

The issue I am facing is that I am getting error messages that prevent testing/activation:

  • Custom fieldgroup: invalid param definition for 'e6b333f2-4180-44e1-8c7b-9fd8db96839b': key definition and key mapping must have the same count of key items (ERR_ENRICHMENT_104 )
  • Custom fieldgroup: invalid param 'delivery_id' definition for 'e6b333f2-4180-44e1-8c7b-9fd8db96839b': not found in expression key mapping (ERR_ENRICHMENT_105 )

I can't find reference to these here, is anyone able to help me identify the cause/resolution?





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Hi @alexcroker, If I understand the steps you followed,

- Created a data source with a GET call to an external API to pull the data.

- Used update activity to update profile data with the data received from the GET call.

- Journey created to use the updated profile data to personalize.

Maybe if you could explain/show the journey will help to understand the problem.

Thanks, Sathees



Hi @alexcroker,

Were you able to resolve this query on your own or do you still need help here? Do let us know.


Sukrity Wadhwa


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Hi @Sukrity_Wadhwa 

I understand that there may be a release soon that solves this problem.

I'll come back with more details once confirmed.




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