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I would like to implement abandon basket in AJO. 

I found out that instruction - https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/commerce-merchant-services/data-connection/use-cases/using-a...


However how do you check that event commerce.purchases did not happen?

Is there any other instruction how to implement that use-case? 





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@Michael_Soprano You need to do that at the audience level to identify those who didn't make a purchase when the journey starts with an event (ex. commerce.productListAdds). A high-level journey will contain the following,

  • Create an event with eventtype as commerce.productListAdds
  • Have an audience (i.e. segment) setup to define the additional rules to get the right set of profiles for the abandoned cart.
  • Within the journey start with an event created followed by an audience qualification activity to refer to the audience setup in the earlier step

Take a look at this thread.

Thanks, Sathees



It would be on the following lines - 


1) Create a unitary event (say for example - eventType = 'commerce.checkout')

2) Create another unitary event (with eventType = 'commerce.purchases') and specify a time out say for 1 hour. If you don't see a purchase event happening in an hour from the initial event, abandon cart email would be sent out 





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Thanks for your response!

But there should be some filtering between these two events which checks that commerce.purchases event did not happen?





If the commerce.purchases event did not happen within the specified duration (timeout), it would traverse down the timeout path and we connect the Abandon message to this transition.

If this event is recorded within the timeout duration, journey would end for the respective profile.


So, no explicit filtering is needed if the check is based on event types.