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Adobe Developers Live, October 2021 | Complete Session list





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By popular request, here is an aggregated list of all the AEM sessions occurring at Adobe Developers Live.

Register here: https://adobe.ly/3A0yybp


Session Title Description Speaker(s)
Opening Keynote Hear about the latest tech advances and developer tool updates available across Adobe Creative Cloud, Document Cloud and Experience Cloud. Jonathan Roeder
Cloud-native extensibility for Experience Cloud: What’s in it for Experience Manager developers Join us for a session with Loni Stark, VP Experience Manager and Michael Marth, Senior Director Adobe Experience Manager Sites & Screens to learn more about Adobe's cloud-native extensibility strategy for Experience Cloud and what's in it for developers. See live demos of extensibility use cases, built with Adobe's cloud-native developer framework "Project Firefly" which includes novel capabilities to integrate with and extend Adobe Experience Manager. Michael Marth, VP Loni Stark, Ron Nagy, and David Benge
JAPAC Welcome/Recap Catch a recap of the announcements made at Dev Live, a summary of sessions from around the world, and a welcome to the first JAPAC breakout sessions! Mark Szulc 
Behind the scenes of AEM with SRE guild members A panel with Joerg Hoh, Peter Acsai and Tom Blackford, members of our Site Reliability Engineers guild, on their behind the scenes work to "keep the trains on time" for AEM as a Cloud Service. We'll learn about the skills and mindest required to be an efficient SRE, their views on making systems robust and resilient, and the kind of metrics and alerts that they use to prevent outages. Joerg Hoh and Peter Acsai
Past, Present, and Future of AEM In today’s digital world, developers are expected to learn, understand, and keep up with the latest programming languages and frameworks. While crucial, we explore ways to go beyond just pure content management. We'll discuss trends in today's market, what that means for developers, and how Adobe Experience Manager is changing the way developers work. Join VP of AEM Engineering, Jean-Michel Pittet, and Director of AEM Product Management, Cedric Huesler, as they discusses this and more. Jean-Michel Pittet and Cedric Huesler
Closing Remarks

Join Jonathan Roeder, Director of Developer Experience for Experience Cloud, to wrap up the event and find out what's next.

Jonathan Roeder


Session Title Description Speaker(s)
AEM S101 - Transform, Adapt and Optimize Images through URLs Images can take over 60% of the total bandwidth in your digital experiences, and for media-rich, image heavy experiences, this can be as high as 85%. To drive best experiences for your users, it is important to optimize the images being served. Learn how AEM Dynamic Media can power better user experience and improved conversion rates, through its industry leading Smart Imaging capability and host of other dynamic imaging feature set.
This session will help technical folks understand best practices around using Dynamic Media URLs and modifiers, sort of one stop shop, without them having to achieve image optimization through trial and error.
Karanjeet Singh and Apoorva Gupta
AEM S102 - Best practices for component scripts development and deployment in AEM as a Cloud Service This session describes the newest best practices that AEM developers can follow in order to have more predictable application deployments.
Introduced as an Apache Sling feature in 2019 and used in AEMaaCS since 2020, precompiled bundled scripts provide developers two major improvements over the classic way of deploying AEM components:
the scripts can be versioned and have explicit dependency chains, like any Java API
the script compilation can now be done during the application's build process, allowing to discover potential errors fast (e.g. missing dependencies, wrong API usages, etc.)
We will focus on how developers can set up their projects to provide their scripts as precompiled bundles and use local AEM Sling Feature analysers to verify that the API requirements are satisfied, helping them to catch any potential error early.
Karl Pauls and Radu Cotescu
AEM S103 - Accelerating Transition to AEM as a Cloud Service Get to know more about how to leverage the AEM as a Cloud Service code refactoring tools to accelerate your transition journey to Cloud Service by making your existing content (package structure, indexes, AEM Asset processing workflows, dispatcher configurations) Cloud Service compatible via automation.
In this session, we will show how we can use the aio-cli-plugin-aem-cloud-service-migration (our Adobe I/O Extensible Command Line Interface (CLI) based NodeJS plugin which provides an unified experience for these code refactoring tools and minimizes the overhead of installation and setup), to easily install the and use the code refactoring tools.
We hope to help people understand the best practices around using the code refactoring tools, by showing the execution of the tools on real AEM customer code base.
Dinesh Chaudhary, Manas Kumar Maji and Vaibhav Varshney
AEM S104 - Delivering Fast Experiences with AEMaaCS AEM as a Cloud Service is designed to delivery content efficiently and effectively. A critical element to this efficiency it for a project to have a well designed Caching and Invalidation Strategy. In this session we will cover some of the traps that we see projects falling into, and give tips on how to improve your Cache Hit Ratio, and Cache Coverage with example from real world scenarios. Alex Marcuta, Krystian Nowak, Marius Petria and Ian Boston
AEM S105 - Tales from the front lines - how to avoid common pitfalls in Adobe Experience Manager as ... Learn from the most common mistakes that others have made so that you can avoid them yourself! In this session, we will look at some of the common issues that our on-call and support engineers have seen and discuss best practices for ensuring that you can avoid these in your own AEM as a Cloud Service implementation. Ian Reasor and Joerg Hoh
AEM S106 - Front-end code pipeline Learn how to use the new Front-end code pipeline recently introduced in Cloud Manager Iveri Prangishvili and Vlad Bailescu
AEM S107 - Advanced Networking with AEM as a Cloud Service Cloud migration can be challenging when other services live on-premise or different locations.
We have built solutions to provide customers with their own dedicated infrastructure, such as dedicated ip addresses or VPN connectivity, that allows a gradual migration to AEM as a Cloud Service, accelerating the journey to the Cloud.
We will show how to request a dedicated ip or a VPN connection, explaining the options that are available to customers.
Carlos Sanchez and Alvaro Saurin
AEM S108 - How to ingest and process assets into AEM Assets as a Cloud Service We have multiple ways for customers to get assets into AEM and process them once in AEM Assets. How do customers pick the right approach for their use case? How can they leverage the import & processing capabilities of the platform to maximize the value of their investment and reduce their time to value? Learn how the new capabilities of the AEM Assets Cloud Service platform Daniel Klco and Tania Mathern
AEM S109 - Enrich Commerce Experiences with Associated Content The CIF Add-on recently introduced Product Experience Management which extends authoring capabilities of Assets, Content Fragments and Experience Fragments to associate AEM content with product data. Harnessing the power of associated content allows you to enrich your fully dynamic product catalog built with CIF Core Components to show data coming from both Adobe Commerce and AEM.
In this session you learn to enrich your storefront project with different levels of marketing-driven experiences. We also introduce you to advanced use cases where we show how custom components can leverage associated content.
Mark J. Becker
AEM S110 - Efficient Sites Structure – Improved Performance A detailed overview of some of the best practices for developers when dealing with language copies, live copies, and bulky move or copy operations. Vivek Singh, Abhinav Saraswat and Ankit Agarwal
AEM S111 - Quick site creation Adobe Experience Manager is introducing innovative new ways to create a site. Instead of starting with the AEM Project Archetype, now we can all start with an appropriate Site Template for your project. This session we showcase the new end-to-end process for creating sites based on a Site Template. You will see how (1) front-end developers work with real-time preview of theming changes that deploy via front-end Cloud Manager pipeline, and (2) teams that define templates can work side-by-side with practitioners prior to go-live. Hyman Chung
AEM S112 - Content Upkeep Demonstrate the features available in the AEM Modernization tool suite. Learn how dev teams can use it to consolidate, convert, or upgrade content to reduce the burden on Authors as the component library evolves. Kiran Murugulla
AEM S113 - Headless Sites With GraphQL for Content Fragments available for AEM 6.5 and AEM as a Cloud Service, let’s explore how AEM can be used as headless CMS. Using no AEM coding, define structured content using Content Fragment Models, relationships between them, how to best optimize the practitioners editing experience, and then use GraphQL and persisted queries for cacheable, low-latency / high-throughput delivery of the content to your applications and services. Mathias Siegel
AEM S114 - What's new in AEM Assets as a Cloud Service We've added a lot of features to AEM Assets as a Cloud Service in 2021 to solve key developer and business use-cases. As we close out the year, join this session for a crash course on what's new and maybe a demo or two. Kaushal Mall and Alex Thiers
AEM S116 - Screens Cloud Service Learn about the differences between delivering content for the digital signage channel versus delivering a website and how Screens as a Cloud Service offers a channel-specific delivery mechanism for addressing the unique requirements of digital signage. Jim Stoklosa
AEM S117 - AEM Forms Cloud Service: Secure Multi-Channel Digital Enrollment Learn how to build modern secure, modern digital enrollment experiences with AEM Forms as a Cloud Service.
This session will highlight best practices around securing data processed in workflows, externalizing submitted data to Azure storage, and collect insights using Adobe Analytics with Adaptive Forms on cloud service.
We will also include a preview of some integrations on our roadmap like Microsoft PowerAutomate and Teams integration with AEM Forms.
Anurag Sharma and Syama Varma Ramarkovilakam
AEM S118 - AEM Forms as a Cloud Service: Fast track your development using APIs Learn how to use AEM Forms as a Cloud Service APIs to access services like Headless Delivery of Forms and Communications at scale.
This session will cover how to build client applications for Synchronous and Batch Doc Gen use cases using AEM Forms CS APIs
Participants will also get a preview of the upcoming Headless APIs for Forms that allow developers to easily build Mobile or React Apps that contain forms.
Arun Taneja, Vijay Kumar Jalagari and Varun Dua
AEM S119 - Deep dive into AEM as a Cloud Service continuous delivery model Based on the whitepaper: "Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service: Continuous delivery model" we will share details about our delivery model to increase customer confidence in CS and support the adoption of customer functional tests. Andres Bott
AEM S120 - Adobe Workfront and Adobe Experience Manager Assets Learn how Adobe Workfront and Adobe Experience Manager Assets work together. Laurel Hahn Zimmer and Josh Ramirez


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