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Adobe Developers Live, October 2021, Session | Behind the scenes of AEM with SRE guild members




Session Details

A panel with Joerg Hoh, Peter Acsai and Tom Blackford, members of our Site Reliability Engineers guild, on their behind the scenes work to "keep the trains on time" for AEM as a Cloud Service. We'll learn about the skills and mindest required to be an efficient SRE, their views on making systems robust and resilient, and the kind of metrics and alerts that they use to prevent outages.

Experience League Session Recording 

Session Schedule

10/5/21 07:30 PDT 10/5/21 16:30 CEST


Joerg Hoh and Peter Acsai


Bertrand Delacretaz


Experience Manager as a Cloud Service

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Q&A from the session

Question for the panel: how, from an SRE / CSE perspective, does your team deal with sites that are performing poorly even when autoscaling is working?   When customers don't necessarily have exposure to how long individual requests are taking or how much CPU they're burning, what's the process to surface performance issues that may be on the customer's side, but may also be on the platform side? As external party we can hardly estimate if a site is performing slowly or not, as we don’t know the implementation and the requirements behind it. We recommend our customers to use the Experience Audit feature of the Cloud Manager to ensure a good end-user experience, which includes performance.
I joined a bit late, I don't know if this topic has been addressed already. Is there a plan/roadmap to support containerization for on-premise? we cannot make statements related to the product roadmap here.



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