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Adobe Developers Live, October 2021, Session | AEM S119 - Deep dive into AEM as a Cloud Service continuous delivery model




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Based on the whitepaper: "Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service: Continuous delivery model" we will share details about our delivery model to increase customer confidence in CS and support the adoption of customer functional tests.

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10/5/21 13:30 PDT 10/5/21 22:30 CEST


Andres Bott


Speaker team


Experience Manager as a Cloud Service

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Q&A from the session

If we have any API deprecated or API changes how this will be addressed? After the deprecation is announced, there is a time to migrate to new APIs.
Adobe can apply some mechanisms to detect usage of those APIs, once this are no longer used we can remove them.
You mentioned that each PR is subjected to over 1000 tests or so... is that leveraging Cloud Manager ? PRs are ran only on the AEM code base without running on the cloud platfrom. the next step where we run end to end tests do use Cloud Manager.
If yes, is there a way to expose this feature to customers This feature is not exposed to customers, this tests are highly focused on product features and would provide little value to test customizations.
What we have exposed is the posibility to run customer provided tests, both IT and UI. (see next question)
another question.. currently we see that the customer tests are triggered only on the production pipeline.. is that accurate? if yes, is there any plan to expose this to the dev pipeline as well? This feature is captured and evaluated to be implemented.
At the moment we canno't provide any timeline.


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