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Learn about Edge Delivery Services in upcoming GEM session

Adobe Developers Live, October 2021, Session | AEM S105 - Tales from the front lines - how to avoid common pitfalls in Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service




Session Details

Learn from the most common mistakes that others have made so that you can avoid them yourself! In this session, we will look at some of the common issues that our on-call and support engineers have seen and discuss best practices for ensuring that you can avoid these in your own AEM as a Cloud Service implementation.

Experience League Session Recording 

Session Schedule

10/4/21 13:30 PDT 10/4/21 22:30 CEST


Ian Reasor and Joerg Hoh


Speaker team


Experience Manager as a Cloud Service

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Q&A from the Session

Any specific performance tests for author env for AEMaaCS, Previously we had toughday but it seems to be outdated. Toughday was always just a test-suite to evaluate the (hardware-) plattform, and less something to test an application. Toughday is still working, but the results are less meaningful.


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Kautuk Sahni
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Question from the chat:

“Does the use of Dynamic Media change the processing just described?”


No, when using Dynamic Media, assets are uploaded to AEM and they are sent to Dynamic Media at the same time that they are sent to the Asset Compute service.  We will not proceed to custom workflow processing until the asset processing has been completed in both of these services.



Question from the chat:

“Like workfront integration?” (followup to a question about the use of the aem-upload library)


We are currently working on improving the integration between Workfront and AEM Assets, but I am not up to date on the specifics of what we are implementing there.  If assets are being uploaded from Workfront into AEM, it will be done using this library, though.


Employee Advisor

Remaining question from the session: “Any specific performance tests for author env for AEMaaCS, previously we had toughday but it seems to be outdated.”


Toughday is still usable with AEM as a Cloud Service. But given that it just runs through some customizable scenarios made it most usable to benchmark certain environments (hardware, maybe JVM settings) against each other. With AEM as a Cloud Service you don't have much choice regarding the underlying hardware, and instead of scaling up AEM as a Cloud Service scales horizontally. So the significance of the results are very different.