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Adobe Developers Live, October 2021, Session | AEM S106 - Front-end code pipeline




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Learn how to use the new Front-end code pipeline recently introduced in Cloud Manager

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Session Schedule

10/4/21 14:15 PDT 10/4/21 23:15 CEST


Iveri Prangishvili and Vlad Bailescu


Speaker team


Experience Manager as a Cloud Service

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Q&A from the Session

Are there any links to the configuration? Documentation for the future will be available when it's ready to be generally available.
Can multiple front-end developers be running live previews concurrently? Yes. The live previews superimpose locally built files (CSS, Javascript, images, fonts) over the AEMaaCS instance. Of course, competing changes to the frontend module would lead to merge problems when pushing to Cloud Manager git and would need to be resolved.
Which part of this can we use for on premise setup This feature will be available on AEMaaCS as it requires specific infrastructure to work.
This delivery model covers support for static spa's, but will the frontend pipeline support a workflow where we are seeking to achieve SSR with something like Next.js? We don't have immediate plans to offer SSR for Node/Javascript code.
Does this mean we are getting away from client libs ? You could use this to replace the clientlibs or side-by-side, your choice.
I am wondering, is this an official Adobe development? Is this a 3º party tool? It's an internal AEM development and a supported feature for AEMaaCS.
If I want to test it today? is it possible what are the requirements? The feature is available as part of the AEMaaCS Beta program.
If you are using a single deployment model with AMS on AWS or Azure (not self-hosted), my understanding is that Cloud Manager will still be available and by extension the Front-end code pipeline will be available. Is this correct? No, it's limited to AEMaaCS.
How is this integrated in the backend AEM code deployment pipeline? E.g. QA teams will typically want to test in Stage the combined product, backend+frontend, which is then rolled out both combined to Production as a signed off release In the beginning frontend changes will be activated across all tiers (author, publish). Later on you will have options to control on which tiers you want it activated automatically (author+preview usually) and ways to activated manually for the rest of the tiers (publish).
Is this pipeline assuming hosting via AEM and AEM's CDN for the public facing pages you'd be deploying? You can use this feature with Bring Your Own CDN as well.


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