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New Experience League Community game features and FAQs




Hello Experience Makers,  

Adobe Experience League Community just rolled out new game features in all our communities. Any powerful tool takes time to learn, and if you make that time investment, you’ll get much more out of it. Learning is a lot more fun when it feels like a game. And when learning connects you to dynamic communities of like-minded peer learners and experts, you’ll develop skills you’ve never had before. 


With the fun, new game features in the Experience League Community, you can earn badges, go on missions, and complete super missions, all while doing the things you do every day: connecting with peers, learning from others, and sharing your expertise.


You’ll be encouraged to teach as well as learn, to give answers as well as seek answers. You’ll expand your skill set, and that expansion will be visible to others in the Experience League Community, making you more of the rock star that you always deserved to be as you build your personal brand. 


So,  join in. Start a conversation. Answer questions. Be the reason that a question got solved. It’s going to be fun.  


Frequently Asked Questions 

With anything new, there are always questions. Below we’ve detailed many frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding the new gameplay features to answer key questions you may have and to help you learn about the new changes.  


Why have I already earned some of the new badges?

For many of you who have already engaged with the Community in the past, you’ll notice that some of the new badges have already been automatically awarded to you and are visible in your new trophy case on your profile page. This is because the badges are awarded based on your existing accomplishments and any new badges you haven’t yet earned will be awarded based on your future contributions to the Community. We’ve made sure to include new gameplay challenges and have many more planned to add to the Community, so there’ll always be new achievements to unlock.    


Will I keep the same level as before? 

We are adjusting the leveling formula so that users experience more progression for all kinds of engagement in the Community. While most users will maintain their level, you may notice that you are a level higher than normal. If you have any questions about your level, please send me a direct message.    


Where can I view all the badges I’ve earned so far?

Viewing your Community accomplishments has never been easier. To see all the badges you’ve earned, you can visit your trophy case, which is accessible by clicking your avatar in the top right of any Community page and selecting “My Profile,” then once you’re part way down your newly refreshed profile page, select the “Trophy case” tab to view all your earned and to-be-earned badges.   




Your badges, missions, and super missions are ordered by your most recently earned, but you can also sort by unearned badges to get an overview of all the possible badges you can earn. Clicking on individual badges will provide instructions on how to earn the badge, as well as how many people on Community already have the badge.   


What is the purpose of the “Top badges earned” section  on  my  user profile? 

The “Top badges earned” section is an opportunity to showcase your proudest Community achievements. What do you want your peers in Community to know about you? If you spend most of your time on Community providing solutions for others, you might want to show off your Affirm badge, which is awarded to users who’ve accumulated a substantial number of accepted solutions.  


To select which accomplishments you’d like showcased on your profile, go to your profile and click the “Edit top badges” link.   



Once you’re on the “Edit top badges” page, you'll see all the badges, missions, and super missions you've earned so far. You can drag and drop your earned achievements (bottom half of the page) in any order you wish into your “Top badges earned” section (top half of the page). 



If you dragged your Artisan badge to your “Top badges earned” section, for instance, it will be the first thing that users see when visiting your profile, and will also be visible on your profile card, which appears anytime a user hovers their cursor over your name.  


Where can I find the  new  leaderboards?   

Leaderboards for all of Experience League Community and for each solution’s community can be accessed by visiting each solution’s community page, or by visiting your profile and clicking on the “View leaderboards” button.   



Our leaderboards rank community members based on the individuals with the most likes and most accepted solutions. Currently, you can sort the leaderboard by 7 time periods, including “Most received likes" or "Most accepted solutions" of all time, in the past year, past 6 months, 3 months, and more. You can also view other Experience League leaderboards by clicking on the links in the “All Leaderboards” section. In the future, we plan to expand these leaderboards by adding new ways to rank community members, incorporating search capabilities, and more.   




What’s the difference between a super mission, mission, and badge?   

Now in the Community, you can earn different achievement classes to enhance gameplay. In addition to the badges, there are also missions and super missions. Missions are made up of badges and super missions are made up of both missions and badges. With these new achievement classes, our goal is to grant higher levels of recognition to the experts who continue to make the Experience League Community an amazing resource for everyone! 


See how badges, missions, and super missions work:



What are the benefits of leveling up?   

As we explained in our previous blog post, the new gameplay features will make it fun and enjoyable to challenge yourself and level up as you continue to engage with your peers. The new format will also show you off a little more, underscoring the value you add to our Community.  


Your level is one way to communicate to other members your commitment and involvement in the Community. The higher your level, the deeper your commitment to your community and your fellow members as exhibited by your many contributions. In addition, specific capabilities are unlocked at certain levels. For example, at Level 6, you become eligible to become a Community Advisor and blog, just one more way to share your expertise and knowledge. We are continuing to add level-specific capabilities so stay tuned.   


Will there be more badges added in the future?   

Yes! We plan to continue to add more badge types, missions, and super missions in the future, so that there will always be new challenges to keep the Community exciting.   


Stay tuned for our next blog post where we’ll dive into more details around how to easily view and display your badges.  

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Gamification a good strategy to create loyalty.


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Gamification is such a great way to increase engagement, and help encourage experts to share their knowledge!  Excited to see the impact, I've learned many great tips and tricks through the Experience League Communities already, so very happy to see their continued growth!


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...and we now welcome our viewers who've been watching the earlier game in progress at one.workfront.com.


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I think gamification is a great way to improve engagement and help students remember certain important information that may be harder to remember. Creating a game, mission, or quest around some harder to understand information makes it easier to remember for people who are hands on learners. I think this is an amazing way to keep learners engaged!!