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Insider "Community": New Experience League Community game features




Hello Experience Makers! 


We’re pretty excited about some of the changes around here, and we think that once you dig around in Experience League a little more, you will be, too 


It’s pretty simple – when learning feels like a game, you’re likely going to do a lot more of itYou’ll see that as you interact with and learn from others in the Experience League Communityyour contributions will be rewarded.  In the coming weeks, we will be deploying all-new gameplay in the Experience League Community, including new badges, new achievement classes, a revamped leveling structure, and much more. These changes will make it more fun and engaging to contribute and learn from the Community, all while earning recognition for your demonstrated knowledge of and expertise with the Experience Cloud solutions.  


This blog series will preview some of the most exciting game-like features so that you can hit the ground running when we go live. 


We’ll also preview the improvements we’ve made to the existing badge and leveling structure. 


New badges 


We’ve been hard at work on over 100 brand-new badges to make your community engagement more interesting and rewarding. These badges will be awarded based on unique community contributions, both new and old. The image below is a preview of some of these badges and how you can earn them. 

Blogpost1image1.pngEach badge has several versions, with each subsequent version granted based on how often you complete a particular activity. For example, if one of your responses gets marked as correct, you will receive the Affirm 1 badge. If three of your responses are marked correct, you will receive the Affirm 3 badge. How you wish to unlock badges is completely up to you. With these new capabilities, there’ll be countless ways for you to build your community, credibility, and connections with peers!  


See how badging works in this brief video:Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 1.59.14 PM.png


We’re also introducing two new achievement classes – missions and super missions. Missions are made up of badges and super missions are made up of both missions and badges. What makes these classes different is that they are only given to users who complete all underlying missions and badgesYou can see an example of this relationship in the image below. The Affirm badge is a part of the Originator mission, which is one of three missions required to achieve the Expansion super mission. 




New badges will be rewarded retroactively i.e. based on your existing contributions. For example, if you’ve already gotten 50 of your responses marked correct, you’ll automatically receive all the Affirm badges that meet this number requirement.  


Leveling structure 

After extensive research and testing, we have revised the level structure to encourage engagement and more accurately represent your community presence and contributions. We’ve also implemented a more reasonable level progression for all users. Some of you may notice more forward progression and may even be at a level higher than usual after we deploy the revised structure.  


The new gameplay features will make it fun and enjoyable as you challenge yourself and level up as you continue to engage with your peers. The new format will also show you off a little more, underscoring the value you add to our Community. And all of this happens while you’re getting a set of challenges to conquer at your own pace. It’s also now easier to share your game progress with your closest peers.


Have any questions, comments, or feedback? Feel free to let us know by replying below. Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we will dive into the details of how this all works and cover frequently asked questions.