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Hi Community,

I had couple of workflows created and in the error management i have used administrator all as security group to be notified in event of errors.

There is one email which I wanted to exclude from getting this notification, so I removed him from the security group via the admin console, I am also seeing in the Campaign UI that he is not listed in the users for the administrator group.

However, he is still receiving e-mail if the workflow encounters errors, how do I fix this?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




The user permissions are only syncronized upon user login.

So after the removing the permission in the Admin Console, please ask the user to login again one more time.

Only then the group info will be removed in ACS and no more notifications will be sent.

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Hi @mmbb110,


Incase, if you've removed the user from administrator group on admin console and don't see the id on administrator group within ACS then go ahead and open a support ticket. This might be related to adobe ims issue.

Just to make sure you're not using workflow supervisors group to notify ACS users about workflow failures. 


Thanks, Sathees