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Unsubscribe from Services using Radio button in Adobe landing pages does not show the options as it shows in check boxes.


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We understand the Adobe Landing pages can be configured to unsubscribe from 1 Service OOB by going to the properties of the unsub landing page template.  Is there a way to unsubscribe from multiple services in the landing page using Radio buttons? 

The unsubscribe from multiple service options should be in 'Radio' button and not via check box as explained in the below documents



When we try the Radio buttons in the landing page, the UI does not show the selection of existing services as it shows for Check boxes.


Our Use case is as below. Customer will have the option in the landing page to unsubscribe from one of the Services created in Adobe campaign using the radio button. After the user submits the form to confirm unsubscribe it should unsubscribe from the service selected on the radio button.


Note*. We are aware that this can be done easily using Rest APIs if the landing page is designed hosted outside Adobe campaign.


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Thanks for sharing! I have reached out to Adobe with this question. They confirmed it is not possible tie multiple services using a Radio button option in landing page. Best practice is to use Rest API. Will share this forum discussion with them for input. Thanks again!


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Hi @AKP3 ,

The only workaround solution I can think of is to add some checkboxes to the page and link them to the different services using the UI. Using some JavaScript code within the landing page, you can then manipulate the checkbox states depending on the radio button selection.

Once you've confirmed it's all working you could then use some CSS to hide the checkboxes so that only the radios are visible.