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need help with some alert set up

Level 8
Level 8

Hi Community,


I am looking for some help with regards to setting up some alerting which will help me notify in an event there is/are workflows created with Keep Interim Results enabled in the Production UI.


I am aware this is not recommended, however, teams create wkfs with this enabled and I want to proactively notify them and catch these wkfs via notifications.


so far, I have been able to use a query activity and using wkf resource, configure the list with column keep results, the preview gives me workflows which have a Yes or No status for the Keep Interim results.





can someone please guide me on how to use this information further to set up some notification?

example: I have a result like the above image which has no workflows with keep interim results as YES, now someone create a wkf within the UI and enables the keep results within it, my plan is to run the wkf once a day and query the wks and notify me if there is a workflow found with keep interim results enabled.

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Level 5
Level 5

My I suggest it maybe easier to send the notification to the creator of the workflow.  You could reconcile to the creator's profile and then send an email requesting the workflow be changed.


Otherwise you will need use a query collection of the workflow ids and reconcile to your profile before sending an email.



actually, I want this is as a notification first to our internal members vs the creator of the wkf's, I am working on the solution provided by @ramon_bisswanger  but currently stuck and asked for further help.



Instead of an export it is probably easier to save it to an Audience.  Then you can Read the audience and reconcile it to a profile and then use it for segmentation or enrichment.


1. Create a query of records and under additional data add the email address you want to send to.

2. Reconcile to a profile the email you want to send to.

3. Save it to the audience

4. Create a fork and add Read Audience to both sides.

    a. On side of the fork add dedup email address

5. Create an Enrichment- Primary will be the dedup side.  Use N cardinality for the relationship definition and make the target is the other side of fork.

6. Send email with additional fields.



It won't be too easy to achieve but following may work

  • Path 1 - determine affected workflows
    • Search for all workflows, keepResult unfortunately can't used for filtering here or in a segmentation activity.
    • Thus all need to be exported to a temporary file on the server as in the export you can include keepResult
    • Directly after the export, import same file again and you can have keepResult as a "regular" field
    • Then do a segmentation to determine affected records
    • Maybe followed by a test activity to check if any affected records are found
  • Path 2 - determine target users
    • Use a query to determine the profile which shall receive those records
  • Join results
    • Use an enrichment to join results together
    • Main target = Path 2
    • Add Path 1 as a join field and choose e.g. to keep 10 rows
    • Join criteria can be 1 = 1 to get a full cross join
  • E-Mail
    • in the email check for each row whether a value is set and if so print the name
Level 8
Level 8

Hi @ramon_bisswanger 


Thank you for your response, its really helpful and I am trying to check it further.


currently, I am stuck, where after the export, when I am trying to import the file, I get zero output.


my wkf is as below,



















file import:








can you let me know what is missing here please?

Level 8
Level 8

Hi @ramon_bisswanger 


can you check this once please and let me know what I am missing?

Level 8
Level 8

Hi @ramon_bisswanger 


I am able to get to the step where I can do segmentation and filter the records, I am stuck at the next step where you said use an enrichment and email.


I also tried using a test activity and external signal to get an email, however, it does not give me the workflow name/title in the email which is important to know as well.


request you to please help me further.



sample workflow overview:

Workflow overviewWorkflow overview

Primary set = query on profiles:

Screenshot 2022-01-19 at 13.18.22.png

Then add the load file schema as advanced relation with a join.

Note: doing a quick testing the 1=1 join is not feasible here. Instead you need to add a variable e.g. expr1 on both paths via Enrichment and then use it here

Screenshot 2022-01-19 at 13.18.41.png

Under additional data, add the joined part, choose collection and add the fields you are interested in:

Screenshot 2022-01-19 at 13.19.10.png

Each row then should have the recipient plus the number of workflows assigned in target data

Screenshot 2022-01-19 at 13.33.37.png

@ramon_bisswanger  Thank you very much, I will give this a try now and let you know if I am stuck somewhere, appreciate your help

Level 8
Level 8



I am getting below error for the enrichment,


No joining condition is defined for the 'Load file 3' link ('Enrichment 6' stage)



I am using join as you advised, can you please help me here.


apologizes, I am still learning and might be missing something important for sure.