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Anyone connect AAM into Permutive?


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We're working with a direct site publisher, who is using Permutive as their backend audience targeting platform.  Has anyone come across this and needed to integrate their AAM instance w Permutive?  Looks like Permutive offers "permutive vaults" to allow advertisers to match 1pd audiences.  Thanks in advance!

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Hello @Marc_Kriss ,


Permutive doesn't have any direct integration with Audience Manager yet but there are some custom approaches which you can try as described below:

1. Custom Exports: In AAM, Customer Care team can help you in setting up custom export which can deliver flat files to Permutive into their own FTP/S3 locations. List of parameters that can be shared via this approach are listed here.

2. Cookie/URL destinations: If Permutive  allows any API based integration or has any script that read through cookies in the browser then you may want to explore this option as well. [Cookie | URL]

3. Audience Marketplace: Permutive Limited is one of Audience Manager partner, so you can use this approach. [Marketplace]